Friday, June 26, 2015


Marvel Comics Master of Kung Fu & Star Wars are the stuff of comic book legend, certainly a couple of my all time favorite series. I get so excited thinking of the legendary artists that worked on those series. Jim (Warlock) Starlin, Paul (Six from Sirius) Gulacy, Howard (Cody Starbuck) Chaykin, Carmine (Flash) Infantino, Al (Flash Gordon) Williamson and the list goes on and on. Fantastic!

Previous to those comics, I learned what a great comic book artist the young Gene Day was. Star*Reach #15 showcased Gene's powerful art with cool stuff like "Warriors!" Star*Reach helped to expand my love of comics outside the superhero realm.

Definitely my favorite Leialoha piece!

All wrapped up, in one of his best covers, by Steve (Coyote) Leialoha.


Whether it's the original or the classic series, I cannot recommend Star*Reach enough!

By the way, in the third issue of the Star*Reach Classic series, Gene Day's Divine Wind was reprinted. Beautiful P. Craig (Killraven) Russell cover! This series also provided a nice checklist to the original series.

Gene Day brought me back to the excitement of the Paul Gulacy days!

Live Large My Friends!

Thank You! 

One of my favorite Batman covers and Gene Day to boot!

Here's some Gene Day for you Dr. Who fans, me included!
Still haven't gotten to this wild looking crossover, yet!

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