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Years later, after his original years with Marvel Comics, Steve Ditko came to draw Daredevil a few times in Daredevil #162, #235 & #264. Well, I dropped the ball on this one, he also drew Daredevil in issue #234! And what a fine issue that was.

Not often you get to check out Ditko's pencils.

Some good, some not so good, but always worth it to see Steve Ditko artwork. Especially when it's not a character you're used to seeing him illustrate. 

Nice cover!

Daredevil #162  Requiem!
"Requiem for a Pug" 
Daredevil deactivates a runaway Meson-projector reactor, but loses his memory afterwards. He ends up re-living his father's career as a boxer, under the control of a gambler called Mr. Hyle.
Michael Fleisher wrote the story with cover, pencils & inks by Steve Ditko.
A Frank Miller/Klaus Janson alternate cover to this issue is printed in place of the letters page in Daredevil #164.

Daredevil #234  Madcap's on the Loose!
Daredevil encounters a crazy new hero who spouts nonsense and can't be killed.
Now this is a character born to be illustrated by Steve Ditko! 
Written by Mark Gruenwald
Klaus Janson inks & cover. 

Daredevil #235  The Return of D.D.'s Deadliest Foe - Mr. Hyde!  
"A Safe Place"
Daredevil accidentally prevents Hyde from taking a formula that would have transformed him back into Calvin Zabo for good
Written by Danny Fingeroth.
Finished art by Danny Bulanadi.   
Klaus Janson cover.  

Daredevil #264  Baby Boom! Featuring: The Deadly Owl!

"Baby Boom"
The Owl tries to muscle in on the crack trade by using a gang of crazies to steal cocaine from the Cannibals. With bags of coke exploding all over the city, Daredevil has to take on the Owl and save a little baby from becoming another statistic.
Script by Ann Nocenti with Steve Ditko & Mike Manley & Al Williamson artwork.
Steve Lightle illustrated the cover.  

Too bad, only one of these stories has been reprinted. Daredevil #162 was reprinted in Marvel Visionaries: Steve Ditko. You don't want to miss out on this book with all the extra goodies included.  

Live Large My Friends!

Thank You!

Good Ditko coming through in Daredevil #235!

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  1. The art was fun...didn't he draw an issue with Madcap in it as well in the mid-80s?