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It's been way too long since I've brought up creator/writer/artist Jim Starlin. Here's Darklon the Mystic,an oldie but goodie from the cosmic genius. Starlin was going through some heavy stuff during his post-Warlock days, so Darklon seemed to be a way for him to work through it.

Starlin did some marvelous splash pages!

Eerie #79 
"The Price"
Plagued by assassins allegedly hired by his father, Darklon is compelled to return to Nebularia. Despite the fact that it has been many years since he has seen the floating city of Nebulor, the sight of it rekindles painful memories. He reflects on the mutual hatred between his father and himself after his mother died. He also recalls how Blacklore became a substitute son for the Kavar until Blacklore plotted the overthrow of Darkhold. Darkhold how he fled to make a deal with the Nameless One to acquired the power he needed to defeat his enemies.
Reprinted in Eerie #137.
Pacific Comics collected the Eerie stories (#76, #79, #80, #84 & #100) in a single, fine looking comic.  

Many adjectives could be used to describe this wild two-parter from Warren's Eerie #79. Sinister, sadistic, and stunning being a choice few. This is Starlin at his most savage, "The Price" is not recommended for the faint of heart!

There was nothing like the Frazetta covers for the Warren magazines!

Starlin dug this gruesome sacrifice-to-power origin so much that he'd use a similar bloody path for Vanth Dreadstar's pal Syzygy Darklok in his 1981 graphic novel titled, not surprisingly, The Price

The Rook was another terrific Warren character. Paul Gulacy did a Rook cover that turned me onto the character!

Always loved the Collector's Classics Warren came out with, especially the covers!

Live Large My Friends!

Thank You! 

Pacific Comics Darklon the Mystic #1 was my first exposure to Jim Starklin's great character!

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