I'm back, with more on the modelling I've been working on.

Black Beauty, from the Green Hornet, was a lot of fun, a lot of trimming though.

The Lotus Super 7 I modeled after the sports car from the television series The Prisoner. Unfortunately, the previous one I had didn't make it through my move to the beach. I was fortunate to find it at the hobby shop in order to reconstruct it.

The Seaview, from Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea, was one that I just needed to finish up on the painting detail. It's always been a favorite of mine, so much so, that I bought the Mobius large model of the Seaview with the control room.

That one I will be detailing my progress from beginning to end as it will be the most ambitious project to date.  

Stay tuned. 

Thank you.

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