Friday, May 29, 2015


Marvel Comics presented a great Incredible Hulk & The Human Torch: From the Marvel Vault #1 comic book with wonderful art by Steve Ditko.

Incredible Hulk & The Human Torch: From the Marvel Vault #1
"Moon Over Mayhem"
The dreaded Wizard possesses the power of the moon’s magnetism and it’s up to The Hulk and the Human Torch stop him! Can the two take down The Wizard, whose power now rivals Magneto’s, or will they crash and burn?
Written by Jack C. Harris & Karl Kesel
Art by Steve Ditko & Karl Kesel with a Mark Bagley & Danny Miki cover.
This is a 1984 Marvel Team-Up inventory tale. 

You need to find and enjoy this overlooked Steve Ditko comic, especially Karl Kesel gushing on working over Ditko, suitably so. And a fine job he did!

Here's the Incredible Hulk #249 that Steve Ditko illustrated from a Bill Mantlo script, "Jack Frost Nipping at Your Soul."  Hulk encounters Jack Frost, the snowman. Jack sends his ice statues against the Hulk, but their fragile structure are nothing for the strong guy. Finally, all caverns collapse burring Frost. Hulk escapes climbing up the pit. Meanwhile, Betty Ross, Rick Jones and Fred Sloan reach a nearby cabin where Thunderbolt Ross and Doc Samson were staying. Suddenly, Centaurus shows up and drops unconscious in the cabin, after being hurt by a shot from Ross.

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Thursday, May 28, 2015


I almost overlooked this little gem from Steve Ditko. Ditko plotted the story, "The Matchstick and the Moth" from Marvel Comics Presents #83, while Erik (Savage Dragon, Spider-Man) Larsen wrote and inked it. We've seen him do young Peter Parker, now we get to see Ditko do Johnny Storm. Larsen's inks are well suited for the project.

Marvel Comics Presents #83 
"The Matchstick and the Moth"
Two goons inform a new super-villainess called the Moth that their boss will pay her one million dollars to capture the Human Torch. After she does, she discovers that there is no boss willing to pay the money. The goons intended to kill her and sell the Torch off to the highest bidder. Before they get to her, she discovers their intent and teams up with the Human Torch to defeat them.  

Also includes Firestar, Hawkeye & Weapon X: Chapter Eleven of the Barry (Conan) Windsor-Smith epic.


It's fun to see these Steve Ditko works, Cap & Human Torch shown in a lighter, more Silver Age feel. I've enjoyed them, hope you do too.

Marvel Comics Presents #175 - flip book, final issue, sad to say. 

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The pride and joy of my Lancer paperback collection!

Wednesday, May 27, 2015


Another Arthur Conan Doyle character more obscure than Sherlock Holmes, is Professor Challenger, the hero of The Lost World novel, followed by two more novels, The Poison Belt & The Land of Mist, along with two short stories.

The Lost World was made into an Irwin (Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea) Allen motion picture. Not only was the adaptation in the comic book written by legendary Paul S. Newman, but also illustrated by equally legendary Gil (His Name Is...Savage!, Blackmark) Kane!

The novel, originally published as a serial, tells the tale of an expedition to a plateau in the Amazon basin of South America, where prehistoric animals (dinosaurs & other extinct creatures) still survive. Unlike Sherlock Holmes, Professor Challenger is an aggressive, dominating figure.

Dell Four Color #1145 The Lost World  Fantastic adventures of an expedition to a lost land of prehistoric animals and fierce headhunters!
"Movie Classic" on photo cover. 

"The Lost World"
Preview of the story, inside front cover, black & white.
Five photos from the movie and a partial cast list.
"The Lost World"
Written by the prolific Paul S. Newman
Art by Gil Kane (doing some great dinosaurs!) & Mike (Spartacus, G-8) Peppe.
Determined to prove his discovery of a lost world in the Amazon jungle, Professor Challenger leads an expedition by helicopter to a plateau filled with prehistoric beasts.
"Sir Arthur Conan Doyle"
Biography of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle.
Inside back cover, black & white.
"The Galapagos Islands"
Description of the wildlife of the Galapagos Islands.
Back cover, with art by Gil Kane & Mike Peppe.

Gil Kane also went on to do the Topps Comics Jurassic Park comic book adaptation, with Walt (Manhunter, Thor) Simonson & George (White Tiger, Avengers) Perez. Love his work on dinosaurs.  

Millennium Comics came out with a 2 issue series of Arthur Conan Doyle's The Lost World. Haven't seen it. Nice covers, but I don't anticipate a faithful adaptation of the book or the movie. Too bad, Classics Illustrated didn't adapt The Lost World.

DVD cover, contains two movie versions of The Lost World!
It's always fun to find works I'd not come across before. Especially with this talent involved-I mean-Gil Kane! Cool!
Adaptation of Irwin Allen's Lost in Space! Joe Jusko cover!

My favorite Irwin Allen TV series and a great comic book series!
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Rare, unpublished Steve Englehart & Gil Kane The Prisoner comic book.

Tuesday, May 26, 2015


“What luck ! A chance for my might to destroy the symbol, and the champion defender of the weak… with their ’rights’ and ’freedom‘ !” - See more at:
“What luck ! A chance for my might to destroy the symbol, and the champion defender of the weak… with their ’rights’ and ’freedom‘ !” - See more at:

What luck ! A chance for my might to destroy the symbol, and the champion defender of the weak… with their ’rights’ and ’freedom‘ !” - See more at:

We all remember Captain America as illustrated by Jack Kirby, Jim Steranko, Gene Colan and even Barry Windsor-Smith. But along came a back up feature in Marvel Comics Presents #80 & #81 gaving us Steve Ditko's Captain America. Not only did he illustrate the story, but he wrote it as well. Terry Austin provided an excellent inking job.

 Marvel Comics published this story in the midst of the epic Wolverine Weapon X storyline by Barry Windsor-Smith. 

Marvel Comics Presents #80
"Wargod Part 1"
Captain America answers an urgent call from Jake Bage, semi-retired FBI officer. When he gets to Jake’s apartment, he discovers the agent’s dead body and is attacked by the killer, Wargod. The villain overpowers Cap and tosses him out a window. By the time our hero can make his way back to the apartment, Wargod has made his escape – but not before he destroyed some mysterious files. At the apartment, Cap discovers a recording by Jake that explains some leads about Wargod. It leads him to seek out Agent X-4, who is timely attacked by a squad of masked goons. Later, Captain America follows up on a lead that X-4 discovered, and meets up with the now-resigned General Hager. After the meeting, the General’s daughter, Mora, renders Cap unconscious with a dose of gas! It appears that she’s one of Wargod’s aides. 

Includes Daughters of the Dragon & Mr. Fantastic stories. The back cover of Cap, Mr. Fantastic, Colleen Wing & Misty Knight illustrated by Rod Ramos.

Marvel Comics Presents #81
"Wargod Part 2 Final Blow"
Given her background and beliefs, Mora Hager presumably has some military training ; she also demonstrated skills in both leadership and manipulation. She had a cadre of standard henchmen, at least one of whom was also an OK spy.
The Wargod armour gave her protection, enhanced strength and incredible speed and timing with her weapon - a huge, electrified two-handed mace. Using her superhuman efficiency and Pressing the Attack, she kept Captain America on the full defensive, while wearing him down as the electric shocks from her weapon where conducted through the shield.
- See more at:
Captain America comes to (after his gassing last issue by Mora) and takes on Wargod’s men. After he gets through them, he comes face to face with Wargod but, he’s got Senator Weason and General Hager at his mercy – trapped within a glass case hooked to lethal gas. It’s up to Cap to defeat Wargod before the villain can kill the captives. And, as the battle draws to a close, the villain’s helmet is knocked off … revealing Mora, the General’s daughter. Captain America fights the henchmen and electrified two-handed mace, wielded by the powerful Wargod.
Includes Ant-Man & Daredevil stories. The Daredevil story was illustrated by Marshall Rogers & Al Williamson. The back cover of Cap, DD & Ant-Man was illustrated by Mike Mignola!

Marvel Comics Presents was a fantastic series, lasted a long time. There were lots of great storylines never reprinted. Incredible, considering the immense amount of talent involved.

I enjoyed this lighthearted, Captain America story, seen through the eyes of Steve Ditko. Sorry to say, it has not been reprinted, but is generally available in the back issue bins at a decent price. 

Have to say, Spider-Man was Steve Ditko's baby!

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Sensational Jack Kirby Captain America!
Fantastic Jim Steranko Captain America!

Incredible Gene Colan sketch of Captain America!
Barry Windsor-Smith inked Jack Kirby in Captain America's Bicentennial Battles!