Thursday, May 28, 2015


I almost overlooked this little gem from Steve Ditko. Ditko plotted the story, "The Matchstick and the Moth" from Marvel Comics Presents #83, while Erik (Savage Dragon, Spider-Man) Larsen wrote and inked it. We've seen him do young Peter Parker, now we get to see Ditko do Johnny Storm. Larsen's inks are well suited for the project.

Marvel Comics Presents #83 
"The Matchstick and the Moth"
Two goons inform a new super-villainess called the Moth that their boss will pay her one million dollars to capture the Human Torch. After she does, she discovers that there is no boss willing to pay the money. The goons intended to kill her and sell the Torch off to the highest bidder. Before they get to her, she discovers their intent and teams up with the Human Torch to defeat them.  

Also includes Firestar, Hawkeye & Weapon X: Chapter Eleven of the Barry (Conan) Windsor-Smith epic.


It's fun to see these Steve Ditko works, Cap & Human Torch shown in a lighter, more Silver Age feel. I've enjoyed them, hope you do too.

Marvel Comics Presents #175 - flip book, final issue, sad to say. 

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The pride and joy of my Lancer paperback collection!

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