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Based on the hit TV series, Charlton Comics came out with The Six Million Dollar Man magazine. The TV series was based upon the fantastic novel Cyborg, by Martin Caidin. Published concurrently with the  comic book by the same publisher, although the magazine contains more adult-oriented stories and, unlike the comic, is not bound by the Comics Code Authority.

Among the terrific cover artists were Neal Adams, Jack Sparling and Earl Norem with my favorites being the first two and the last issue. Great writers included Joe Gill, George Wildman, Nicola Cuti and Mike Pellowski. Interior artwork was provided by the talented  Neal Adams' Continuity Associates and Jack Sparling.

The Six Million Dollar Man #1
Behind the scenes articles and bios.
"The Cyborg is Born"
Adapting the origin section of the first episode -- Steve Austin, badly injured in a plane crash, is made into a cyborg.
"An Eye for Details"
Austin impersonates a Russian official to steal plans for a giant submarine.
Continuity Associates includes: Neal Adams, Steve Austin, Terry Austin, Joe Barney, Joe Brozowski, Rick Bryant, Karin Daugherty, Dick Giordano, Klaus Janson, Bruce Patterson, Carl Potts, Mark Rice and Josef Rubinstein.
"The Deadly Raven"
"Escape from Shark Island"
A vicious attack on Austin by a pack of dogs.

The Six Million Dollar Man #2
Behind the scenes articles, along with pin-ups of the Bionic Man & Woman.
"Witch Hunt for an Alien"
"The Rubber Ball Project"
"The Destroyers" 
Continuity Associates artwork on all stories.

The Six Million Dollar Man #3
Behind the scenes article.
"The Oldest Man Alive"
"Don't Bug Me"
Artwork mostly by Neal Adams Continuity Associates (including Howard Chaykin this issue) but touched up with some panels done by Jack Sparling. 
"Dead Heat"

The Six Million Dollar Man #4
Behind the scenes text articles.
"The Last Fight"
"School for Assassins"
Austin infiltrates a training facility for killers squaring off in violent combat against trained killers. 
"Ordeal in the Desert"

The Six Million Dollar Man #5
"High Stakes in the Himalayans"
Austin's against the Yeti.
Behind the scenes text articles.
"Come Back Alive"

The Six Million Dollar Man #6
"The Kidnapping of Oscar Goldman"
Steve tangles with internal security when Oscar is kidnapped.
Photo stories detailing stuntwork for the television show.
"The Changing Man"
Steve fights a fellow pilot who is transformed by outer space radiation during a test flight.
"A Model Prisoner"
Enemy agents attempt to dissect Steve in order ot learn his bionic secrets.
Hard to find, rare last issue of the magazine series!

The Six Million Dollar Man #7
Steve Austin's photo scrapbook.
"Deadlier Than The Male"
Steve is assigned to protect a Middle Eastern prince from an assassination plot.
"The 10 Minute Time Limit"
"An Alien Charm"
Steve encounters a group of aliens who can change shape.

Peter Pan released a one shot comic & record set for The Six Million Dollar Man. Irv Novik and Frank McLaughlin were artists on both the origin and an original story.

Live Large My Friends!

Thank You! 
Original art from the second issue!

Mike Hinge art for the Six Million Dollar Man!

Original artwork from the second issue!

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  1. Never knew of these. I had or have a couple of the comic books. I like Bionic Woman better.