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Astron! Sojourner! Bloodwing! Warlords!

Galaxia Magazine #1, published by Astral Comics, was a favorite comic book magazine of mine, especially due to Rich Buckler's work. His cover was terrific, like advertizing a motion picture. Writers were Emmanuel Colon & Rich Buckler. Artists included Rich Buckler, Butch Guice, Mark Texeria, Stan Timmons & Sam de la Rosa.

Deathlok, my favorite Rich Buckler character!

Galaxia Magazine #1
Great cover by Rich Buckler & Dick (Batman) Giordano.
Insides an insane ad for Frankenstein Portfolio by Berni Wrightson.

"Quest for the Celestial Rose
In the Great Beginning was the Universe created out of Odd, and did thrive in universal splendor. Then came man, by the grace of the Infinite Creator. With time, the natural order of things became unsettled. All mankind was at war, while the race of the Dark One continued to evolve. Those Tellurians who fell from grace of The Lamb fought relentlessly against those who dwelt in this Word -- and the fate of all Galaxia hung in the balance.  
Written by Emmanuel Colon & Rich (Deathlok, Demon Hunter) Buckler with art by Mark (Ghost Rider) Texeira; Jackson (Butch) Guice.
Introducing the Warlords of Light.

"Traveler on the Edge of Oblivion"
I think I've finally separated the dream from the reality. The Messenger of Light was right when he told me the Veil (concealing the truth) had been lifted. But I remember like it was only yesterday when I lacked that insight -- when life itself lacked any clear definition of time, space or substance amid the chaos and confusion my very sanity seemed to hinge on the realization of some elusive and cosmic equation that I thought I would never solve...  
Written by Rich Buckler with art by Rich Buckler & Sam de la Rosa.
Introducing Bloodwing, another incarnation of Atlas Comics Demon Hunter & Marvel Comics Devil Slayer.

"Mission to Homeworld"
Year: 4000 A.E. -- in all Galaxia, there existed none finer than the Zennan Society of Free-Thinkers -- the very flower of humanity. Their Star-Soldiers comprised an elite corps of superior, highly evolved intergalactic sentinels, among which Astron stood foremost!  
Introducing Astron, Star Soldier.

"Wizard of Odd"
Galaxia 3000 A.D. - Men have traversed the stars for one thousand years. The planets belonging to the Galactic Federation no longer honor the Zennan Peace Alliance of the Second Millennium. Sojourners have been dispatched from twelve different planets as ambassadors of the United Greater Powers, while in the outer reaches a new threat has surfaced -- a being who has discovered and now wields a cosmic power whose source is the very "building blocks" of the created universe! 
Written by Rich Buckler with Jack Kirby style artwork by Rich Buckler, Stan Timmons & George Brycki.
Introducing Sojourner. 

"Media Galaxia"
Article on classic movies such as Outland, Raiders of the Lost Ark, Superman II and Caveman.  
Also includes amazing illustrations by Rudy Nebres, Romeo Tanghal & Sam de la Rosa.

I miss Rudy Nebres artwork, great stuff!

I thought it was a great bang for your money. Fond memories!

Live Large My Friends!

Thank You!

Ad for Illustrated James Bond 007 book I've yet to come across!

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