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Marvel Comics published a great short series featuring Captain Marvel and Starlord. But in Marvel Spotlight #5 came Dragon Lord, created by the great writer, Marv (Teen Titans, Tomb of Dracula) Wolfman and the incomparable artist, Steve (Spider-Man, Hawk and the Dove) Ditko! All that along with an amazing Frank (Daredevil, Ronin) Miller cover, which was the reason I picked it up in the first place.

My very first comic book - as well as my first Steve Ditko!
My favorite Marv Wolfman was the Teen Titans, with George Perez!

Modern day electronics whiz Tako Shamara comes from a long line of dragon hunters who have waited five hundred years for the Wani to rear its ugly head again; When his ancient enemy appears from the waters of New York, Taki dons his Dragon Lord gear and with the help of magic and his backyard barbecue grill, finishes the threat of the Wani forever.

Marvel Spotlight #5
"A Hero is Also a Man"
Introduction & origin of Tako Shamara III as Dragon Lord versus the deadly creature, Wani (not unlike Gorgo and Godzilla.) 
Quick sidenote, Starlord returns in the next issue courtesy of Doug Moench and Tom Sutton with a superb Bill Sienkiewicz cover. 
How does Gorgo compare with the Dragon Lord?

On the other side of the spectrum, another Dragon Lord was a Fantastic Four villain, from Fantastic Four Annual #16 was created and written by Ed (Green Arrow) Hannigan with, oddly enough, co-creator Steve Ditko handling the artistic chores! This is a gem I discovered recently. 


Fantastic Four Annual #16
A mysterious visitor from the planet Rammatpolen has come to Earth! Who is this man with the powerful Dragonstaff? And why are the Dragon Riders from his home world chasing him thru Manhattan? After Ral Dorn, the wielder of the Dragonstaff, reaches the Fantastic Four, he tells them he's searching for the Dragon Man (last seen in Captain America #249)! And that revelation begins the fabulous foursome's inter-dimensional journey from an abandoned mineshaft in Pennsylvania all the way to the planet Rammatpolen itself! Among Ral Dorn, the Dragon Man, and the Dragon Riders, will the Fantastic Four be able to sort out the good guys from the bad guys?

Dragon Man appearance previous to the Fantastic Four Annual #16.

Unfortunately, I have not seen either story reprinted, especially since I need to search up the Fantastic Four annual. A real shame. 

Who doesn't like a good old fashioned monster fight?
Live Large My Friends!

Thank You!

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