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Today, we continue with further adventures of Sarge Steel. After a year long gap between the publication of Secret Agent #9 & #10, Sarge Steel appeared in Judomaster as a back-up feature.

Sarge Steel was an agent in American Intelligence. His employment with a couple of different agencies was a gradual one, as is often the case. He certainly did not start out to be an agent but life took him places and opportunities, or necessities, came about and he ended up one very experienced operative.

After his stint in the Army, he started a detective business. The same skills he used to hunt down war profiteers he now used to track people for civilian clients. He was pretty good at it, enough so that a lot of those found or being sought would try again and again to eliminate him but Steel's skills with martial arts, his prowess with a gun, and his now pretty lethal left hook kept him alive.

Judomaster #95 
#File #112 Case of the Village Moneyman"
Bebe Summins hires Sarge Steel to find her father, Eric Summins, a counterfeiter who disappeared soon after leaving prison three months earlier. She's received phone calls telling her to stop looking for him or else. A man then attacks them, but Steel easily knocks him out. He brings the girl to his secretary's apartment for safekeeping, then begins his search. The next morning, two men from the Treasury Department are waiting for Steel in his office. They remark that they heard he stopped working for the CIA recently. He responds that he's back in business for himself now, but he told the Agency that he'd help them out whenever they needed him. The Treasury agents ask for his help in finding Eric Summins, who they believe is making phony money again. Steel notes that some of Summins' plates were never found. Later, at his secretary's apartment, he finds a typewritten note from Bebe telling him to meet her later that night. Based on the condition of the room, he concludes that she didn't leave of her own accord. Two men watch from the window; one aims a gun at him.
Written by Steve Skeates (Hawk and the Dove) with art by Dick Giordano (Jonni Thunder).
The conclusion of this story appears in Judomaster #96.
Sarge Steel villain "The Smiling Skull" appears in the Judomaster story in this issue. 

Unfortunately, this issue has not been reprinted, even Modern Comics skipped this issue. What a shame, I still wish DC Comics Action Hero Archives had continued with reprints of Judomaster, Sarge Steel & Peacemaker. After all, they were integrated into the DC Universe. 
Nice splash page from the Judomaster story in this issue, by Frank McLaughlin.

If you are so inclined, you can read the Charlton Action Hero comics on ComicBookPlus.com. They have some marvelous scans of the original comic books.   

Please join me Thursday when I cover a turning point in the life of Captain Atom.

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Simply marvelous trade paperback on the legendary Dick Giordano!
Dick Giordano worked on The Illustrated Comic Art Workshop #1 & #2!

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