Thursday, November 17, 2016


"...being a retrospective of one year's dauntless activities at the wonderful Gorblimey Press."  

One of my prized comic book collectibles is the magazine-sized Barry Windsor-Smith's Gorblimey Press Catalogue, from 1976. It's twenty three pages of simply amazing artwork! Needless to say, this was his own publishing company.
Gorblimey Press Catalogue 1975-76
Contents page.
Fine art prints and an article by Barry Windsor-Smith.
23 Pages.

His incredible piece, Britannia, was used as the frontispiece for The Gorblimey Press Catalogue 1975-1976. A slightly different version was used in a Gorblimey Press ad in the Overstreet Comic Book Price Guide #7 in 1977.

If you go to his web site,, some of the prints are still available for sale! The catalogue can be found online as well, although it can be pricey! I was fortunate to find mine at a local comic book store at an affordable price. It was also the first time I'd even seen a physical copy of one before. 

The Barry Smith's Tuppenny Conan illustration, from the catalogue, was used as the front and back covers of the Marvel Comics Treasury Edition #4. My all time favorite of the treasury editions. 

Live Large My Friends!

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Although not in this publication, the cover to Star*Reach #7 was a piece from Gorblimey Press.

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  1. After a steady diet of Kirby, Ditko, et al, it was almost startling to see Smith's Conan when it first appeared. It was immediately apparent that this was no conventional comic book artist. I am the proud owner of "Shelf Stuff", and the "Judgment of the Dead, By the Living", and "Ram and the Peacock" posters. Beautiful "stuff".