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In the grand scheme of things, there was no greater science-fiction hero than Flash Gordon, created and originally drawn by Alex Raymond.

With the Gold Key series, Carlos Garzon came on board. He was an assistant to Al Williamson, who helped to redefine Flash Gordon in the comic books. Garzon was a highly talented transplant from Bogata as was the legendary Williamson. Garzon assisted on Secret Agent X-9 in the late sixties and moved to the U.S. in the early seventies. From there he worked with Warren and Gold Key.

Flash Gordon #27
"The Enchanted City Part 1"
Exploring the far reaches of Mongo, Flash, Dale and Dr. Zarkov spot a roving enemy ship streaking through the distant sky, which soon vanishes. 
Written by Gary Poole with art by Carlos Garzon.
"The Enchanted City Part 2"
Brought by supernatural forces to the mystical city of Illusia, Flash and Dale attempt to flee, only to face certain death at the clawed hands of a grotesque and evil ogre. 
Written by Gary Poole with art by Carlos Garzon.

This issue was also published under the Whitman imprint.

Finally, this issue was the last issue to be reprinted in the marvelous Dark Horse fine slipcased, hardcover edition of Flash Gordon Comic-Book Archives Volume 4. But don't despair, there was another great volume to follow.

Garzon later teamed up with Al Williamson on the Marvel Comics adaptation of Star Wars: Return of the Jedi as well as some other Star Wars projects. 

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Ad for the short lived Black Hole series. Unfortunately, the last, the fourth issue is quite hard to come by.

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