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G-8 and his Battle Aces #1 was a Gold Key comic based on the Golden Age pulp series. Art by George Evans was inked by Mike Peppe. The back cover was a pin-up, a beloved trademark of the Gold Key Comics. 

G-8 was a heroic aviator and spy during WWI handling a bizarre array of threats generated by the German side, including werewolves, zombies, animated skeletons and ancient Vikings. His true identity was never revealed. His English manservant was named Battle and Battle Aces were the short Nippy Weston and superstitious Bull Martin. Reoccurring villains in the pulps included Herr Doktor Krueger, the Steel Mask and Grun.


G-8 and his Battle Aces #1  G-8 Shoots to Kill a Monster Bird Before it Explosive Eggs Wipe Out the Allied Armies!
"G-8 and the Secret Weapon"
Using disguises, airplanes, great daring, and trips through no-man's land, G-8 repeatedly slips across German and American lines. 

When a German secret weapon begins blasting through American defenses, G-8 learns that it is a hybrid winged Zeppelin dropping self-propelled bombs. The Battle Aces board the aircraft in flight, drop the bombs on German troops, and destroy the ship.


In the Nineties, Blazing Comics published a single issue of G-8 and his Battle Aces written by Chuck Dixon with art by Sam Glanzman. It sported a dynamic Quique Alcatena (with Tim Truman?) cover. G-8 battles Herr Doktor Krueger and Grun The Green Terror. 

Moonstone came out with an Airboy & G-8 crossover comic. Unfortunately, that's the extent of what I know about that comic.

When Berkley Medallion Books republished eight G-8 and his Battle Aces paperbacks, Jim Steranko provided the stunning covers to the first three books!

More recently, some of the G-8 and his Battle Aces pulps have been reprinted by Adventure House in the popular pulp size.

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