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Perhaps at last Wolverine will understand what or who his truly is--and what it means to be... 

I haven't talked about a modern comic book on my blog before, I don't have too much to revel with. I do derive more pleasure from Silver and Bronze Age comic books. 

But when Rambo creator David Morrell jumps on board Marvel Comics' Savage Wolverine #23 - I'm there! He can write anything, and now he makes his influential mark on comics! Savage Wolverine features stunning art by Jonathan Marks and a terrific Declan Shalvey cover.
Pages from Savage Wolverine #23!
Great artwork!
He's heading home! In the Canadian Rockies, a drugged Wolverine is trying to evade killers, hot on his blood trail. Along the way, he makes an unlikely ally.

The pace is dead even, tense and thoroughly compelling. 

Highly Recommended!

I will buy anything new by author David Morrell, based on his name alone. He is by far (close second, James Patterson & his Alex Cross series) my number one favorite author. 

Also made into a great TV movie with Robert Mitchum!
David Morrell's first novel! Wow!
Great novel from the heart!

If you haven't read him before, I highly recommend it. The Brotherhood of the Rose, First Blood (his first novel) & Fireflies are a great place to start. He wrote the Captain America: The Chosen mini-series a few years ago, another superb comic book & Amazing Spider-Man #700.1 & #700.2.  

This one still haunts me!

 The brutal loner character is a great fit for Morell's particular skillset. If you want to really experience that side of his novels, read Blood Oath, Testament and Long Lost. I just cannot say enough of his writing expertise. 

Wolverine #10 Sabretooth appearance!

The other Wolverine stories I recommend: 
  • Wolverine #1 - #4 
  • 1987 mini-series. 
  • The original Chris Claremont & Frank Miller epic!
  • Wolverine #1 - #100 (at least #10 for a terrific Sabretooth story) 
  • 1988 series. 
  • Lots of important history covered in this series.
  • Marvel Comics Presents #1 - #10 
  • 1988 anthology series. 
  • Lots of marvelous stories in this series.
Been reading since Day One! Amazing body of work!
Love to see the return of David Mack's Kabuki!

Some new comic books I recommend:
  • Walking Dead from Image Comics. Kirkman's a genius!
  • Robert E. Howard's Savage Sword from Dark Horse Comics. Super anthology!
  • Astro City from Vertigo Comics. Great writing & artwork!
  • Dark Horse Presents from Dark Horse Comics. David Mack's Kabuki is back!
 Live Large My Friends!

Thank You! 

Marvel Comics Presents #1
Latest hardcover reissue of Wolverine mini-series!

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