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"Never ask a question unless you already know the answer. Burke's Law."

Burke's Law was a Dell Comic that ran for three issues. Paul S. Newman was the writer and Gene (Daredevil) Colan, Frank (Judomaster) McLaughlin, Dick (Sarge Steel) Giordano & John (Iron Man) Tartaglione provided the art! All had photo covers of Gene Barry as Amos Burke.

Burke's Law #1  Art by Gene Colan!

Burke's Law starred Gene (War of the Worlds) Barry as Amos Burke, millionaire captain of Los Angeles police homicide division, who was chauffeured around to solve crimes in his Rolls-Royce Silver Cloud II. Burke was assisted by Detective Tim Tilson (played by Gary Conway of Land of the Giants fame.) 

More Gene Colan from Burke's Law #1!

During the opening credits, as the title flashed onscreen, a woman's voice was heard seductively pronouncing the words "It's Burke's Law!" The title also reflected Burke's habit of dispensing wisdom to his underlings in a professorial manner. 

Even more Gene Colan art from Burke's Law #1!

Burke's Law #1  Captain Burke Investigates Dock Homicide! Yacht Crewman Found Dead! Millionaire Detective Nabs Suspect! Bare Crime Network!
"Who Killed the Curious Crew?"
Amos Burke, millionaire captain of homicide, investigates a series of murders on a yacht.
Kurt (Superman) Schaffenhberger provides artwork on an ad. 

Burke's Law #2
Burke's Law #2  Captain Burke, I Know Who Killed Harry Dare!!! It Was...
"Who Killed Harry Dare?" is told in three chapters.
A Dead Helping Hand
Oil tycoon Harry Dare's plane is blown up as he is flying into the city to announce plans for a new movie.
The Suspects
Burke travels to Las Vegas to check on three suspects in the case.
The Final Clue
Burke's associates bring in two suspects before Burke goes after the real killer.
John Tartaglione is credited with art on this issue. 

Burke's Law #3

Burke's Law #3  The Strange Case of the Hollywood Monsters!
"Who Killed the Hollywood Hopefuls?" is also told in three chapters.
Who Killed the Hollywood Hopefuls? 
Two young actors are killed off-camera by a "bog monster" and a "headless horseman."
The Third Victim
Someone in a "fanged monster" costume attempts to kill another actor in the studio.
The Fatal Attempt
Burke unmasks the killer at Hollywood masquerade party.
Artwork is credited to Frank McLaughlin, Dick Giordano, Sal (Superheroes) Trapani & Vince (Thor) Colletta
There's a feature on the art of smuggling illustrated by Gene Colan as well as one on make-up done by Frank McLaughlin & Vince Colletta 

There was a couple of Pocket Books paperback novels published that I know of. Who Killed Madcap Millicent? & Who Killed Beau Sparrow, both written by Roger Fuller. Paul Derrick wrote a book about the show entitled Burke's Law Case Files.  

Honey West #1

A guest appearance by Anne Francis, as female detective Honey West, led to a short-lived spin-off series. Gold Key Comics came out with the comic book on that series, with Jack (Pirana) Sparling art and a great photo cover. 

I enjoyed the TV series, but originally missed out on the comic book. I've gotten #1 & #3 and was thrilled at the artwork I had no idea was there. Gene Colan? Dick Giordano! All artists would later reshape the Silver Age of Superhero comic books. 

So Cool!

Live Large My Friends!

Thank You!

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