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"Come in London. Do you read me? This is flight 612 to London Control A. We've hit a solar turbulence area and it's jamming your radio band. Can you switch to an alternate range, over...Nothing...It's getting rougher by the minute...What is?...What's happening to us?...What's that thing?..." 
Land of the Giants Episode No. 1 "The Crash"

Gold Key's Land of the Giants ran five issues, written by Dick (Jet Dream) Wood with art by Ted (Rocky Jones Space Ranger) Galindo and Tom (Time Tunnel) Gill and terrific photo covers. 

Jet Dream #1 written by David Wood!
Space Adventures #15 Ted Galindo artwork!
Time Tunnel #1 Tom Gill artwork!
The crew and passengers of the Spindrift included:
Capt. Burton, Dan Erickson, Valerie Scott & Mark Wilson!
  • Captain Steve Burton (Gary Conway)
  • Co-pilot Dan Erikson (Don Marshall)
  • Stewardess Betty Hamilton (Heather Young)
  • Mark Wilson (Don Matheson), engineer-tycoon
  • Valerie Scott (Deanna Lund),  jet-set heiress
  • Barry Lockridge (Stefan Arngrim), a 12-year old
  • Chipper, Barry's dog
  • Cdr. Alexander Fitzhugh (Kurt Kasznar), a mystery passenger 

Land of the Giants comic from UK Lady Penelope!
Land of the Giants #1  Mini-Criminals - Playthings in a World of Tormentors!
"The Mini-Criminals"
The "little" people are forced to make desperate plans for escape. 

Land of the Giants #2
Following panels from Issue #2!

Land of the Giants #2  Countdown to Escape!
"Countdown to Escape"
There was one last desperate chance of escape, leading to certain capture.

Land of the Giants #3

Original art from Issue #3!
  Land of the Giants #3  No Place to Hide! Mini People on the Run...Any Step can be Their Last!
"Giant Damsel in Distress"
A giant waitress has aided the the little people, and the stranded crew must gamble their lives once more.   

Love the mood evoked by this cover!
Land of the Giants #4  Safari into Deepest Giantland!
"Safari in Giantland"
A beast from the sewers threatens the lilliputians.


Land of the Giants #5  Crisis! A Giant's Life is in the Hands of the Mini-People!
"Operation Mini Surgeon"
Desperately seeking to save Barry's life, the crew invades the medical world of the giants.

Panels from Issue #5!

Hermes Press published a great hardback book collecting the Gold Key Land of the Giants series along with promo photos, Mad magazine artwork, and collectibles (books, Viewmaster & coloring book) special features. 

It's a fantastic book and must have for fans of the comics and TV show!

A real gem for comic collectors & TV show fans alike!

Whitman Books released a Land of the Giants "Flight of Fear" original hardback novel.  

Original art for Whitman's Land of the Giants Flight of Fear!

Pyramid Books came out with a series of original Land of the Giants paperbacks (Land of the Giants #1, #2: Hot Spot & #3: Unknown Danger) based on the TV show written by Murray Leinster. Leinster penned a Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea novel and many classic science fiction novels.  

Recommended reading!

When the collector's edition of the Land of the Giants DVD set came out, it included a reproduction of issue #1, postcards, booklet and Spindrift key chain!  It's a fantastic find!

Love the packaging and special features!

 Although I have not seen this in the stores, there was a Land of the Giants soundtrack with fantastic music by John (Jaws) Williams and Alexander (original Star Trek) Courage!

I have yet to come across this treat. Need to!
Land of the Giants trading cards!

Live Large My Friends!

Thank You!
Nicely framed Famous Monsters of Filmland magazine!
Beautifully done scale model kit!
Original artwork for the Land of the Giants lunchbox!
Land of the Giants Viewmaster slides & booklet!

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