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"Another Moment Dr. No, and I'll Jam Your Signals that Would've Made the American Rocket Go Wild!" 

"But You Haven't Another Moment, Bond. This is Your Last!"

Based on the Novel and Now a United Artists Film Thriller!

DC's Showcase #43: Doctor No.
Script may be by Alfred (Classics Illustrated) Sundel from Ian Fleming's original novel.
Artist Norman J. (Creepy) Nodel, reflected the look of the actors.
The new Bob (Challengers of the Unknown) Brown cover, didn't resembling the actors. 

James Bond travels to the Caribbean to investigate the mysterious disappearance of a secret service team. As he uncovers the astonishing truth about strange energy waves that are interfering with U.S. missile launches, he must battle deadly assassins, sexy femmes fatales, and even a poisonous tarantula. 

The search takes him to an exotic tropical island, where he meets a beautiful nature girl and discovers the hideout of Doctor No, a six-foot-six madman with a mania for torture, a lust to kill, and a fantastic secret to hide.

In Jamaica, John Strangways, a British secret service agent, is grabbed by three "blind" beggars. He was checking on "massive interference" with Cape Canaveral rocket launches. 

James Bond goes to Jamaica and on to Crab Key. He survives fist fights, a tarantula in his bed, gunshots, and being run off the road. 

Finally, with the help of Honey Ryder and Quarrel, a fisherman, Bond reaches the island. A "dragon" tank captures them. 

Doctor No plans to sabotage the next missile launch. 

Bond breaks out his cell and stops No's radioactive strike as the doctor is electrocuted.

"Action Packed Highlights"
Five B&W photos of James Bond & Doctor No.

"The Man Behind the Typewriter"
Feature on the background of James Bond & creator Ian Fleming.

This was a reprint of Classics Illustrated #158: Doctor No. In addition to the interior artwork by Nodel, he illustrated the cover. The comic book was originally intended to be an issue of the Dell Movie Classic series.

First read Bond in the Signet series!
Loved the painted covers Bantam used!
 I highly recommend reading the James Bond novels by Ian Fleming as well. They are some of the finest spy fiction out there. A spy's spy. Nobody does it better than Ian Fleming's Bond, James Bond

Titan's Dr No
Terrific Mike Grell work!
Dark Horse got it right, with Moench & Gulacy!
Topps' Goldeneye #1 - only one published!
 There are a number of Titan trade paperback editions of James Bond comics. Paul Gulacy and Mike Grell, came out with great James Bond comics.  

Strange Tales #162 Bond Cameo "Take it easy, chum!"
James Bond had a cameo, on page 3 in Strange Tales #164, naturally in the Nick Fury story!

Thank goodness there is enough James Bond out there to keep us entertained for years to come. 
Only Bond film Ian Fleming lived to see!

And for the record, Sean Connery is my favorite Bond, with Daniel Craig running second. 

Topps' Goldeneye #1 and unpublished #2
 Live Large My Friends!

Thank You!
James Bond drawn by Howard Chaykin!
More Bond drawn by Mike Grell!
Unpublished cover for Topps Comics' Goldeneye #3

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