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"From the green gloom of the ocean's depth, to a sky aflame with disaster for all the world, comes a tale of frightening suspense and adventure!" 

Before the television series, Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea was a motion picture. The great cast included Walter Pidgeon, Joan Fontaine, Barbara Eden, Frankie Avalon (who also sang the theme song), Peter Lorre and Michael Ansara. Some of the actors playing crew members, Dell Monroe & Mark Slade, carried through to the TV series.  

Kowalski in the movie~
One of my favorite scenes in the movie!
A view of the upper part of the nose never seen in the TV series.
In the Dell Comics series Four Color #1230, the movie Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea was adapted in the comics by renown artist Sam Glanzman. There was a great painted cover along with a photo from the movie. 

Highlights from Four Color #1230

The story involved the maiden expedition of the submarine S.S. Seaview to the arctic, when a gaseous ring of radiation 300 miles above the earth's surface catches fire. The resulting heat is causing chaos over the world. 

Admiral Harriman Nelson comes up with a plan to fire a Polaris missile from Guam to explode in the fire belt and dissipate it, but the United Nations vetoes it. As conditions worsen, Nelson decides to embark on the mission anyway.\

A note of trivia, the voice-over for the newscasts that crew members watch, detailing the burning forests, etc., is done by director Irwin Allen!

Highly recommended massive softcover book on the movie & TV series!
An excellent book on the show, including the movie, is Seaview a 50th Anniversary Tribute to Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea by William E. Anchors, Jr. & Frederick Barr with Lynne Holland.
First printing with prototype of the Seaview!

Theodore Sturgeon wrote the Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea novel based on the movie written by Irwin Allen & Charles Bennett. The submarine used on the cover was an early design of the Seaview. This book was reprinted with a photo cover from the TV series.

The spectacular big daddy Seaview from Moebius!
Reissue from the original Aurora movel!
Completed Polar Lights model!

There are various scale models of the Seaview, as shown in the movie and the TV show.

The Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea movie is available on DVD Global Warming Edition & Blu Ray Disc. There was another DVD release, without special features, with Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea and Fantastic Voyage movies in the same packaging!   

Theater Lobby Cards!

Well, now I need to go watch the movie again, it's been far too long. 

The Gold Key comic book based on the TV show will come in a two part feature starting tomorrow! See you then!

Live Large My Friends!

Thank You!

Completed Moebius model of the Seaview!

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