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Beginning: A New Comics Tradition! 

Within This Magazine We Start the Blazing Adventures of Savage! Illustrated Stories of Terror and Action!

Illustrated Stories of Terror and Action!  

His Name is...Savage! a proposed bi-monthly publication by Adventure House Press, in the late sixties, ended after only the premier issue. The magazine represented an important first step in the future trend of self-published, creator-owned, black & white comic books. 

Compelling prose was provided by Archie (Vampirella, Manhunter) Goodwin, under the pen name Robert Franklin, with bone chilling art by Gil (Blackmark, Green Lantern) Kane, who conceived the story. Lee Marvin, from the terrific movie "Point Blank," was used as reference for the painted cover. 

"The Return of the Half-Man" 
The 41 page tense thriller involves cyborg renegade retired general, Simon Mace, who kidnaps the U.S. president, impersonates him at a United Nations assembly, in an attempt to ignite a world war.

Savage depends on only two things: guys and his .357 Magnum, which he has no compunction about using. Broken noses, splintering teeth, and splattering brains are all depicted in lurid detail They are part and parcel of Savage's bull headed attempts to stop a deranged madman from instigating World War III.

Although based on an old theme, Gil Kane and Archie Goodwin present a story both intensely riveting and thoroughly believable. When I read it for the first time, I though now this would make a great movie!

Savage returned, with his facial features changed, in a four-page silent vignette titled "Gil Kane's Savage" in the benefit publication Anything Goes #1 from Fantagraphics Books. Kane also drew the cover, featuring Savage.

His Name is...Savage! was reprinted by Fantagraphics in the early eighties with a new, line drawn cover by Gil Kane.

The fantastic Fantagraphics edition was published with a Table of Contents and two dynamite features.

"Kane on Savage" 
An interview with Gil Kane covering His Name is Savage! Blackmark and other DC work. Gil Kane illustrations accompanied the text. 

"The Art of Comics: Gil Kane and Will Eisner" 
Conversation between Will Eisner and Gil Kane. Illustrated by Kane art, including Star Hawks and various sketches.

Blackmark, first published by Bantam Books, was another Gil Kane & Archie Goodwin independent comic book project. 

I will cover that amazing book another day!

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