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It was a dynamic theme for a great Charlton comic! It grabbed me right away, after all, this is where Captain Atom, Blue Beetle and Peacemaker came from.

About Charlton Premiere #1

Charlton Premiere Presents Trio! Three New Action-Hero Ideas from Charlton!

The Shape in "It's...the Shape!" by Roy (Conan) Thomas, Grass (Xal-Kor) Green & Frank (Judomaster) McLaughlin.
Like the World's Most Far Out Action-Hero!
This story introduced us to The Shape, Prof. Scuba S. Duba and Kevin Boyd in an origin story. The Shape provided off-the-wall humor capturing the spirit of the original Plastic Man.

 The Tyro Team  in "Three Characters in Search of a Kingpin!" by Steve (NoMan, Undersea Agent) Skeates, Bill (Fightin' Five, Sarge Steel) Montes & Ernie (Fightin' Five, Sarge Steel) Bache.
Together fighting crime, The Tyro Team consisted of David "Swift" Scott, John "Specs" Anders & Warren "Creep" Blaine.

The Spookman story continues below!

The Spookman in "22 Gramercy Muse!" by Pat (Peacemaker, Phantom) Boyette.
A Terrifying Monstrosity of Strength!
The final story gave us the origin of The Spookman and introduced us to Crispin X. Crispin and the villainous Nero. A moonstone transforms archaeologist Aaron Piper into a vengeful puritan time-traveler, The Spookman.

It was just too bad they never got their own titles.

Recently, a new Charlton title has emerged in tribute to the former comic book company. I recently found them and have yet to read them, but they have some impressive talent.

The Spookman Returns!

Charlton Arrow #1 Brought back The Spookman by Roger (Daredevil #158) McKenzie & Sandy (Men in Black #1) Carruthers
Is he arcane evil or a righter of serious wrongs? A horrific tale of weird justice featuring the supernatural character created by legendary artist Pat Boyette.

Charlton Arrow #2 The Spookman by Roger McKenzie and Sandy Carruthers
Detective Mastrocelli is drawn deeper into the arcane nightmare world of The Spookman! Does such a being actually exist, or is he a figment of the detective's ever-increasing fevered brain? The more he learns, the more questions are posed about the fate of the mysterious Aaron Piper…

Charlton Arrow #3 The Spookman by Roger McKenzie and Sandy Carruthers
Detective Mastrocelli’s existence was irrevocably altered one dark eve many years ago... the night an entity known as Spookman seeped from the sinister shadows and into his life. Now all may be over as the demon returns seeking revenge... and the source of his extraordinary power, a mysterious amulet. An intense turning point in the series!

Take a walk on the far out side. You might just like it. 

Live Large My Friends!

Thank You! 

Great Pat Boyette artwork!
Terrific Frank McLaughlin artwork!

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