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Dell Comics' Voyage to the Deep was a four issue, published quarterly, comic book series published in the early sixties. Dynamic painted covers were featured on all with incredible artwork by Sam Glanzman, some of his best. There were features included to enhance the experience (like Gold Key Comics would do.) 
Total War MARS Patrol #1
This series featured the adventures of the submarine Proteus, led by Capt. Duke Peters and Admiral Jonathan Leigh. They were pitted against an unknown and powerful sci-fi enemy. A premise very reminiscent of the early Gold Key Total War MARS Patrol comic book.

There was an interesting twist to the comic, the Proteus had a radical departure in design. It was a submarine that could automatically change shape (expand and contract) in response to the demands of its underwater surroundings. 

  Voyage to the Deep #1  From Under the Ocean Depths, from the Fiery Center and Molten Core of the Earth...Disaster Rises!
"Voyage to the Deep"
Voyage to the Deep #2
 Voyage to the Deep #2  A Monster...Larger than the Proteus...Threatens the Sub!
"The Ice Menace"

Voyage to the Deep #3
Alex Toth art!
Proteus in dry dock!
 Voyage to the Deep #3  The Most Dangerous Voyage Yet...Threatened by a Fantastic Creature...and Anti-Matter Generator!
"The Anti-Matter Threat"
I like this great monster cover!
One of the features was drawn by Alex Toth! 

Voyage to the Deep #4  Last issue!

Voyage to the Deep #4  The Enemy Unleashes Sonic Destruction Against the Proteus...and Then The World!
"Mysterious Mission"
Writing credit to Paul S. Newman.

From Issue #1  Chilling scene!
From Issue #3  Great Proteus scene!
Unfortunately, the series has not been reprinted!

Live Large My Friends!

Thank You! 
From Issue #1
From Issue #2
From Issue #3

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