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Charlton Comic's Thane of Bagarth only ran two issues, but also had a longer, more richly developed history as a back-up series in Hercules #1-#12. The two comics reprinted the stories originally published in Hercules #1-#4.

Thane of Bagarth was written by Steve Skeates with stunning Jim Aparo artwork! Dynamite covers by Mike DeCarlo & Rudy Nebres. Since Jim Aparo was a Hal Foster fan, he based his art in Thane on Prince Valiant.

 In this story titled "Chapter One: The Feud" we find a feud has been going on between Bagarth and Rothor. Some peasants are attacked and in retalation a Guardsman of Bagarth kills a Guardsman of Rothor. 

This comes to the attention of King Beowulf who demands the truth from his Thanes. Hrothelac comes and tells his side, the truth, but it differs from the story told by Garmscio Thane of Rothor. Beowulf demands evidence and the liar will be banished. Hrothelac goes to his younger brother Eowanda for help, but he doesn't suspect Eowanda wants himself to be Thane of Bagarth. On his way to see Eowanda, Hrothelac sees Freahulf the daughter of a local scholar. As the chapter closes both Garmscio and Eowanda plot to bring down the current Thane of Bagarth.

Thane of Bagarth #24  How in his own Book! The Saga of Thane of Bagath!
"Chapter One The Feud"
Reprint from Hercules #1
Full page ad for Steve Ditko's Static comic book.
"Chapter Two The Plot"
Reprint from Hercules #2.
"The Hammer of Thor" 
Back-up feature by Joe Gill & Steve Ditko.
Cover by Mike DeCarlo.
The newsstand variant has a bar code.

Thane of Bagarth #25  The Saga of Thane of Bagath!
"Chapter 3 Banishment" 
Reprint from Hercules #3.
"Chapter 4 The Galley"
Reprint from Hercules #4.

"Confounds a Rival"
Robin Hood back-up feature. 

Cover by Rudy Nebres.

Fantastic Frank Frazetta cover! Comic was a little oversized at the time.

Thane was also reprinted in Swords of Valor, a 4 issue Canadian comic. Gene Day, Don Newton, Joe Staton, John Buscema, Pat Boyette, Michael Kaluta and Tom Sutton were also featured in this series. The series also featured a couple of gorgeous Frank Frazetta covers.

The Thane adventures continued in Hercules #5-#12. Jim Aparo's artwork ended with #10. The epic thickens until a time traveler was introduced in #9. The last story, in Hercules #12, ends with a cliffhanger. Sanho Kim took over the artistic reigns with #11.

A full page ad was taken out in Thane #24 for Ditko's Static!
There's Thane right above Atomic Mouse!
And finally, here's a humorous ad Steve Ditko did for Charlton in 1985, featuring the companies current roster. This was the first and only time Ditko ever drew the characters Yang, Thane, Li'l Genius, Timmy the Timid Ghost and Atomic Mouse.

Live Large My Friends!

Thank You!
Always love a good Ditko, from Thane #24!

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