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Flash Gordon--hero of Mongo, gentleman scientist, two-fisted fighter and now savior of the universe! 

Today I close out my Flash Gordon part 4 of 4 with the Whitman comics series. Creative talent in these issues were writers John Warner, Bruce Jones (#31-#33) & George Kashdan (#37) with artists Gene (Tara of the Space Patrol) Fawcette, Frank (Magnus) Bolle, Al Williamson, Al (Star Trek) McWilliams & Carlos Garzon. Issues #28-#30 & #34 had painted covers. There were price & yellow Whitman logo variant covers.

Gene Fawcette artwork was primarily in the Golden Age of Comics!
  The comics follow the adventures of Flash Gordon, a handsome polo player and Yale University graduate, and his companions Dale Arden and Dr. Hans Zarkov. The story begins with Earth bombarded by fiery meteors. Dr. Zarkov invents a rocket ship to locate their place of origin in outer space. Half mad, he kidnaps Flash and Dale, whose plane has crashed in the area, and the three travel to the planet Mongo, where they discover the meteors are weapons devised by Ming the Merciless, evil ruler of Mongo. 

Flash Gordon #28  Flash, Dale and Zarkov Run for Cover Into a Cult of Fanatics!
"Into the Cave Kingdom Part 1"
"Into the Cave Kingdom Part 2"

Flash Gordon #29  Flash Imperils His Life to Rescue an Agent of Ming the Merciless!
"The Deadly Depths Part 1"
Ming gets word that Flash Gordon might be in the Cave Kingdom so he sends an agent to find out. Flash is off exploring the caverns when the agent catches up with him & pretends to be a messenger from Zarkov. A creature in the caverns attacks Flash's group.
"The Deadly Depths Part 2" 

Flash Gordon #30  Five Tons of Terror Stalks Flash Gordon Through--Troubled Waters!
"Troubled Waters Part 1"
"Troubled Waters Part 2" 
This issue was originally released in Canada & overseas in August 1980 with other Whitman issues dated October 1980 at 40 cents. Then this issue was released in the US as a July 1981 release at fifty cents. The delay was associated with the delay in the film which was adapted in Flash Gordon #31-33.  

Flash Gordon #31  The Movie!
"Flash Gordon the Movie Part 1" 
Photo & line art covers to Flash Gordon #31-#33. Also, all three issues of the movie adaptation have the same splash page.
Includes a page for the credits to the movie and the comic book.

Flash Gordon #32  The Movie!
"Flash Gordon the Movie Part 2" 

Flash Gordon #33  The Movie!
"Flash Gordon the Movie Part 3" 
Includes a Flash Gordon pin-up by Al Williamson.  

Flash Gordon #34  Flash Meets Ming in a Nightmare Battle!
"Dreams of Death Part 1"
Features Ming the Merciless. "Dreams of Death Part 2"
"Journey into Limbo"

Flash Gordon #35  Queen Zarah's Mysterious Powers Challenge Flash and Zarkov!
"Queen of Ice, Queen of Fire Part 1"
"Queen of Ice, Queen of Fire Part 2"
"The Blooming Death" 
Carlos Garzon line art cover. 

Flash Gordon #36  Flash is Caught in a Web Of  Treachery!
"Web of Treachery""Double Trouble" 
Al McWilliams line art cover. 

Flash Gordon #37  Will Flash Perish in Treacherous Coils of the Serpent Plants!
"My Friend, My Killer"
"All Flights Cancelled" 
Gene Fawcette line art cover. 

Hardcover Golden Press $4.95 edition!
Softcover Golden Press edition!
Flash Gordon the Movie was printed in both a hardcover and softcover edition with the same material.

These comics were reprinted in the gorgeous Dark Horse Flash Gordon Archives Vol. 5 hardcover. 
Join Flash, the lovely Dale Arden, and Dr. Zarkov as they make a last desperate stand against alien monsters, corrupt kings, ravenous sharks, and the ultimate supervillain, Ming the Merciless! This volume collects Flash Gordon #28-#37, plus the 3-issue adaptation of the cult favorite Flash Gordon movie!
The cover was the terrific painted cover of Flash Gordon #34 with an introduction by Michael T. (Mr. Monster, Elric) Glbert. 
Included are biographies for Frank Bolle, Gene Fawcette, Carlos Garzon, Bruce Jones, George Kashdan, Alden McWilliams, John Warner, & Al Williamson.

Buster Crabbe as Flash Gordon!
Original Flash Gordon comic book covers!
Highly Recommended!

Live Large My Friends!

Al Williamson art!
Reed Crandall art!
Michael Kaluta art!

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