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I remember George Perez best for Logan's Run, Sons of the Tiger, White Tiger & The Avengers.  Great man, great artist!

It's hard to start when you're bringing up a comic book artist the stature of George Perez (loved seeing him on AMC's Comic Book Men this past season.) 

 Marvel Comic's Logan's Run ran 7 issues The first five issues were written by Gerry (Punisher) Conway & David Anthony Kraft with George Perez art inked by Klaus (Daredevil) Janson, adapting the David Zelag Goodman's screenplay. The sixth & seventh issues featured new stories by John Warner with Tom Sutton art inked by Terry (X-Men) Austin & Klaus Janson. I particularly liked the Paul (Shang Chi) Gulacy cover to issue #6. He also did the first cover for the Malibu Logan's Run series. Issues #6 & #7 also had 35 cent price variants. 

The sixth issue was most notable for an important Marvel comic book back-up feature. The Final Flower! withThanos battling Drax the Destroyer by Scott Edelman and Mike (Shang Chi, Punisher) Zeck. Cool stuff! 

"When three are called and stand as one, as one they'll fight, their will be done...For each is born anew, The Tiger's Son."

The Sons of the Tiger were a multi racial group of three martial artists who use mystical amulets to increase their skills and fight evil.

Their Sons of the Tiger run was in Marvel's Deadly Hands of Kung Fu #1-#32 magazine written by Gerry Conway with Dick (Batman) Giordano artwork & an incredible Neal (Deadman) Adams cover. This feature was an origin story of the martial arts team. 

George Perez came in to Sons of the Tiger with Deadly Hands of Kung Fu #6. Perez did some incredible artwork in the early days of the Sons of the Tiger & White Tiger. 

Sweet Bob Larkin cover for Deadly Hands of Kung Fu #20
The Sons of the Tiger took a turn in Deadly Hands of Kung Fu #19 written by Bill (Jack of Hearts) Mantlo with George Perez & Jack Abel. Oddly enough, this is when the team disbands, White Tiger is introduced. His last appearance was in #32 (although not with Perez.)

The White Tiger was a mysterious character appearing to have a personality completely distinct from Hector in the first few stories.  As time passed, becoming more integrated.

Perez did the covers when White Tiger showed up in Spectacular Spider-Man #9 & #10 which was written by Bill Mantlo, who had worked on White Tiger with Perez. These came out with 35 cent price variants as well.  

My favorite Marvel Comic's The Avengers done by George Perez (#142-#202, some art, some covers) was in the original run. One of my particular favorites is the awesome cover to #167 with Guardians of the Galaxy!

Here's a great art book with a ton of George Perez material. Highly Recommended!!!

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