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Charlton Comics' Nightshade was introduced in Captain Atom #82. Written by Dave A. Kaler & drawn by Steve Ditko with Rocco "Rocke" Mastroserio.

The source of Nightshade's powers came from her mother, Magda, a visitor from another dimension whose denizens have the ability to transform into living two-dimensional shadows She passed these powers on to her son and daughter. On a visit to this dimension, Magda and her children are attacked. Mortally wounded, Magda is able to transport herself and Eve back to Earth. Eve promised to return and find her brother. 

Captain Atom #82  Introducing...that Darling of Darkness, Nightshade, Teams up with our Atomic Fireball to Combat "Operation Golden Ghost" an Ingenious Evil Plot to Undermine the Security of our Nation...and the World!
"How do You Catch a Ghost"
The Ghost is planning to rob Fort Knox. The Government teams up Captain Atom and Nightshade (Eve Eden) to stop him. 

Charlton ran solo stories of Nightshade in Captain Atom #87-#89. Written by David A. Kaler with artwork by Jim Aparo. Unfortunately, she never got her own comic book. 

Captain Atom #87
"The Image's Idyl"
Origin of Nighshade. Her instructor is a grown up Tiger, Judomaster's former sidekick.

Captain Atom #88
"Poetry of Peril"
Conclusion of Nightshade's origin, 
Captain Atom #89
"Masque of Mirrors"
Nightshade faces Jewelee.  

Nightshade also appeared in Charlton Bullseye magazine #1 & #2. She also showed up in Charlton Bullseye #7 with Captain Atom

Charlton Bullseye #1
"Showdown in Sunuria"
Captain Atom versus the Ghost, with Nightshade. This is the first half of this story.
Written by Roger Stern with art by Steve Ditko & John Byrne. From an interview on The Pulse on 1/19/07, Roger Stern said that he used the pen name of Jon G. Michels for this story.

Charlton Bullseye #2
"Two Against Sunuria"
This is the 2nd half of the story from issue #1.

Charlton Bullseye #7
"You Look Like You've Seen a Ghost"
Nightshade meets the Ghost. 
Written & drawn by Bill Black.

Her appearances with Captain Atom were reprinted in Action Heroes Archives Vol. 1 & 2. Unfortunately, the Nightshade solo stories have not been reprinted. 

In the short time the rights to the characters were with AC Comics, Bill Black Fun Comics II #2 featured Nightshade along with Americomics Special #1. 

Americomics Special #1
"Sentinels of Justice"
Written by Dan St. John & Greg Guler with artwork by Greg Guler & Matt Feazell.
Nightshade has a new costume that appears in this issue only.

Bill Black Fun Comics II #2  
"You Look Like You've Seen a Ghost"
Nightshade meets the Ghost. 
Written & drawn by Bill Black. 
I don't know for sure, but this may be a reprint from Charlton Bullseye #7
After DC Comics acquired the rights to the Charlton characters, Nightshade appeared in DC Comics' Secret Origins #28 & Brave and the Bold Annual #1.  

Secret Origins #28
"A Princess Story"
Nightshade relates her past to Father Craemer on the eve of her return to her home dimension with the rest of Task Force X to try to rescue her brother.
Written by Bob Greenberger with artwork by Rob Liefeld & Bob Lewis.  
Ties in the Charlton character with the then-current Suicide Squad continuity. Leads into the storyline in Suicide Squad (DC, 1987 series) #14-16.

Brave and the Bold Annual #1
"Strings of Punch and Jewelee"
Captain Atom & Nightshade vs. Punch & Jewelee. 
Written by David A. Kaler with art by Steve Ditko. 
Reprints Captain Atom #85.


In the DC Universe, Nightshade has made appearances in The L.A.W., Secret Six, Suicide Squad & Shadowpact. 
Terrific Mike Mignola cover!
The Watchmen character of Silk Spectre II, Laurie Juspeczyk, is partially based on Nightshade. Nightshade briefly appears in the DC Movie Superman/Batman: Public Enemies.

Most recently, I see she's in Grant Morrison's Multiversity: Pax Americana #1. With artwork by Frank Quietly, it features Nightshade, Captain Atom, Blue Beetle, Question & Peacemaker.

My heart will always be with the Charlton Comics' Nightshade. 
She was cute, she was fun, the spirit of Silver Age comics. 

 Live Large My Friends!

Thank You!

Original artwork page by Jim Aparo!

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  1. Love the Charlton version and that Aparo art. Yet another character DC acquired and had no clue what to do with, turning her into dreck. That JL Quarterly cover art is technically proficient but fails because it's yet another '90s "look how badass and angry we are" super hero ruination.