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The name is Bond, James Bond! 

In the sixties, DC Comics came out with James Bond in Showcase #43.
Doctor No 

In Jamaica, John Strangways is grabbed by three "blind" beggars. He was checking on "massive interference" with Cape Canaveral rocket launches. Bond goes to Jamaica and zeroes in on Crab Key. He survives fist fights, a tarantula in his bed, gunshots, and being run off the road. Finally, with the help of Honey Ryder and Quarrel, a local fisherman, James Bond reaches the island. A "dragon" tank captures them. Doctor No plans to sabotage the next missile launch. Bond breaks out his cell to stop No's radioactive strike as the doctor is electrocuted.
Written by Alfred Sundel with art by Norman J. Nodel & cover by Bob Brown. 
DC acquired the comic adaptation originally prepared for Classics Illustrated #158.

In 1981, Marvel Comics came out with Marvel Super Special #19.  
James Bond For Your Eyes Only  The Official Marvel Comics Adaptation of the Spectacular Motion Picture! In Full Color! 
For Your Eyes Only #1  The Official Marvel Comics Adaptation!
For Your Eyes Only #2  Bond and Melina helpless! A Shattering Conclusion You Will Never Forget!
Written by Larry (G.I. Joe) Hama, drawn by Howard (Star Wars) Chaykin & inked by Vince (Thor) Colletta.
For Your Eyes Only also came out as a mass market paperback. 

Marvel Comics published Marvel Super Special #26, in 1983.
James Bond 007 Octopussy
Adapts the James Bond movie. 
Written by Steve Moore with art by Paul Neary. Sports a nice painted cover with photos.
The Legend Lives On
Feature written by Richard Hollis, with photos from the movie.

In 1989 Eclipse Books/Acme Press published Permission to Die, a 3 part story written & illustrated by Mike (Jon Sable) Grell, with art assists by Dameon Willich.
Permission to Die #1: Bond is sent to Hungary for a scientist's niece, in exchange for plans to a satellite launch system.
Permission to Die #2: Escaping from Hungary, Bond and Edaine Gayla are tracked by an assassin.  
Permission to Die #3: Bond delivers Edaine to her uncle, but the launch system is operational and set to deliver a warning to the world.

Eclipse Books/Acme Press also came out with License to Kill Graphic Novel the same year.
License to Kill Graphic Novel: Bond tracks the drug lord who murdered Felix Leiter's new bride
Mike (Warlord) Grell adapted & layouts for the graphic novel. Richard Ashford provided dialogue with Chuck Austen, Tom Yeats & Stan Woch providing the artwork.
A faithful adaptation, the likeness of both Timothy Dalton & Sean Connery were used.
There was a feature, License to Thrill by Dick Hansom, about the history of the Bond films and the different actors who've played him. Includes 7 photos from the movie.


My personal favorite, published by Dark Horse/Acme Comics, was James Bond 007 Serpent's Tooth, a 3 issue mini-series.
James Bond 007 Serpent's Tooth #1
"Serpent's Tooth"
James Bond 007 Serpent's Tooth #2
"Blooded in Eden"  
James Bond 007 Serpent's Tooth #3
"Mass Extinction" 
Written by Doug (Master of Kung Fu) Moench with art by Paul (Master of Kung Fu) Gulacy. Covers were painted by Gulacy. The cover to the first issue was designed by Egon Selby and Paul Gulacy.

Published in Dark Horse Comics #8-#11, in 1992, came a 4 part serialized Bond story Light of My Death. Written by Das Petrou, artwork was done by John Watkiss.

Dark Horse/Acme Comics came out with James Bond 007 A Silent Armageddon, a two issue mini-series, in 1993.
A Silent Armageddon #1
Bond is assigned to protect 13-year-old Terri Li, a researcher and sole survivor of an assassination attempt by the organization Cerberus.
A Silent Armageddon #2
Cerberus plans to infiltrate Opti-Net, a global computer network, but they need Omega to do the job.
Written by Simon Jowett with art & painted covers by John M. Burns.

In 1994, Dark Horse/Acme Comics came out with a new Bond two issue mini-series.
James Bond 007 Shattered Helix
Written by Simon Jowett & art by David Jackson from layouts by David (V for Vendetta) Lloyd, this was a follow-up to A Silent Armageddon from the previous year.

With 1995 came the 3 issue mini-series, from Dark Horse/Acme Comics.
James Bond 007 The Quasimodo Gambit
Don (Black Panther) McGregor provided a great script with painted artwork by Gary Caldwell. the dynamic painted cover was done by Christopher Moeller.

Proposed cover for Goldeneye #3!
By 1996, Topps Comics published a single issue of Goldeneye.
Goldeneye #1: Bond infiltrates a secret Soviet nerve gas facility. Several years later, Bond witnesses the theft of a new helicopter.
Brian Stelfreeze provided a moody, painted cover. Again, Don (Sabre) McGregor was the writer with art by Claude St. Aubin & Rick Magyar. 
Sadly, issues #2 & #3 were never published.  

Most recently, we have news of a new James Bond comic book series coming out from Dynamite Entertainment in 2015! I am looking forward to some new Bond comics! 

Proposed cover for new printing of trade paperback!
Cameo in Strange Tales #164 by Jim Steranko!
Live Large My Friends!

Thank You!
Terrific Jim Aparo illustration!

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