Thursday, September 29, 2016


A voracious and cunning monster whose sustenance is the very energies of life, and whose prey is all of humanity . . .

An ancient, alien sorcerer whose necromantic gemstones foretell the future and decipher the past . . .

A desperate creature fighting for survival against the ravages of disease consuming him from within . . .

This is . . .RUNE!

I had a strange fascination for Barry Windsor-Smith's Rune comic book series published by Malibu Comics. It was mainly for the dynamic artwork, but his overall work drew me in and kept me with the unique character, until he left the book after issue #6. Rune was creepy, tragic and captivating. Rune gave me a new appreciation for his artistic creativity.

Rune was a human-like alien in the Malibu Ultraverse, until he acquired the Star Stones, magical artifacts which made him virtually immortal, but cursed him with a monstrous form and a vampiric thirst for blood. Ages ago, he found himself stranded on Earth, and has been both worshiped as a god and reviled as a demon throughout history.

He is noted not for just drinking blood, but eating the entirety of his victims, such as one of the powered beings created in the first issue of the Strangers series. His powers had led him to predict the incident so he lay in wait and planned so he could kidnap and consume one of them

Here's the beginning of our story, please let me know if you want to see more. So, without further ado, enjoy!

Rune #0 
Plot & Script by Barry Windsor-Smith & Chris Ulm. Pencils by Smith with inks by John Floyd. 
Each Malibu Ultraverse October 1993 issue contained 3 pages of this story. It was published in 11 three-page installments, labelled A through K. Nine of the covers fit together as a puzzle to form the large Rune #0 cover image.  
Rune was created by Barry Windsor-Smith and Chris Ulm.
Barry Windsor-Smith did the covers for Rune #0-#6 & #9

The chilling Rune series continued in Godwheel #0-#3 & Rune/Silver Surfer. He even faced Conan the Barbarian, in a tale written and illustrated by Barry Windsor-Smith. 

Live Large My Friends!

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Tuesday, September 27, 2016


Private Eye, later Special Agent and finally Secret Agent, Sarge Steel first appeared in his own title, Sarge Steel #1, published by Charlton Comics. His title would last until #8, at which point, with issue #9, was retitled Secret Agent, and subsequently cancelled with #10. After that, his series continued in Judomaster #91-98 (the stories in Judomaster #91-96 fit in the year-long hiatus, between issues Secret Agent #9 & #10) He also appeared in short spots on self-defense, in Fightin' 5 #34 & 37 and in the Sentinels stories in Peter Cannon, Thunderbolt #57 & 58, as their CIA contact.

Sarge Steel was created by Pat Masulli, ironically, this is the only illustration I've seen he actually did of his character.
Sarge Steel's many arch enemies included tough characters like "The Lynx," "Ivan Crung," "Smiling Skull" (a freaky looking Nazi villain who fought Judomaster during World War II), Werner Von Wess and Mr. Ize.

Judomaster #97
"File 114 Case of the Widow's Revenge"
Sarge Steel is targeted by an unknown assailant. One looking for payback. But all is not what it appears. And sometimes, it's a rotten world! 
Written by Steve Skeates (Hawk and the Dove) with art by Dick Giordano (Batman). 
Letter's Page included one from comic book artist Duffy Vohland (Solomon Kane). 

Unfortunately, the Sarge Steel and Judomaster have yet to be reprinted. It would have been great to see the DC Action Hero Archives go on to reprint these (and Peacemaker) in their fine hardcover editions.

Saving the dame! Tough as nails! Business as usual!
One of my favorite illustrations of Sarge Steel by Dick Giordano.

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This fine illustration was published in the Charlton Portfolio.
Final version of the illustration from above. Giordano really knew how to draw cars and guns!
Sarge Steel also landed at DC, but wasn't used much throughout the years.