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Personally, few comic strips and comic books (my first exposure to comics was in the newspapers) have captured my attention and imagination like Flash Gordon. Flash originated in 1934 by the legendary comic-strip artist Alex Raymond. He has set the bar for science-fiction adventure, even inspiring such modern-day classics as George Lucas' Star Wars.

As you can see here, legendary Flash Gordon artist Al Williamson influenced Carlos Garzon's amazing artwork on the Gold Key Flash Gordon comic book. Garzon went on to work with Williamson in the Marvel Comics Star Wars comic book.
For more than seven decades, we have explored the stars in the sky with the comics' most famous intergalactic adventurer Flash Gordon, his lovely female companion Dale Arden and eccentric scientist Dr. Hans Zarkov.

So, without further ado, sit back and enjoy Flash Gordon in action!

Flash Gordon #25  Ming pursues Flash in the slumbering volcano of the Lavamen!
"Volcano Part 1"
Flash, Dale & Zarkov are shot down over a volcano.
Written by Gary Poole with art by Carlos Garzon.
"Volcano Part 2"
A strange wedding ceremony is about to take place. 
Written by Gary Poole with art by Carlos Garzon.

Flash Gordon #25 was reprinted in the fine Dark Horse hardcover Flash Gordon Comic Book Archives #4. This volume reprinted issues #19 - #27.

In addition to the comics, Flash has also starred in a live-action serial, motion picture, radio show, novels, comic books, animated cartoons and even on his own U.S. postage stamp.

The Whitman variant of Flash Gordon #25.

Live Large My Friend!

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Some various Flash Gordon memorabilia!

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