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Originally, an accident causes USAF Captain Nathaniel Adam to be trapped within a missile which explodes in space, disintegrating and then reintegrating him with the power of atomic energy. During the events from the last couple of issues, Captain Atom’s powers are lessened by his battle to control a runaway nuclear reactor, leaving him prey to a mysterious gang of villains. He escapes from his captors and tries a new, spray-on uniform to shield people from his deadly radiation.

Captain Atom #85  The Strings of Punch and Jewelee! Nightshade Returns!
"Strings of Punch and Jewelee" 
Punch and Jewellee, a new super-villain team, abduct scientists and siphon away their knowledge, bringing them into conflict with Captain Atom and Nightshade. 
Plot & pencils by Steve Ditko (Shade) with script by David A. Kaler (The Many Ghosts of Dr. Graves) and inks by Rocco "Rocke" Mastroserio (Mysterious Suspense).
This issue also contained an appearance by my favorite Captain Atom villain, the Ghost who returns in the next issue.

Captain Atom #85 was reprinted by Modern Comics. Exact reprint of Charlton issue #85 except for newer ads and different cover copy (Modern Comics logo and 35c cover price). The letters page and a page from the Captain Atom story has been omitted . Pagination is whited out from pages 12 through 17.

DC Comics Action Hero Archives Volume 2 reprinted Captain Atom #85 in a fine hardcover edition. If you are any Charlton fan, just take my money, you have to have these books!

Cool ads from this issue & the letters page!
Live Large My Friends!

Thank You!
Great coverage of the Charlton Action Heroes, and more!
In this issue, the atom symbol is contained in a yellow circle.
Punch and Jewelee went on to appear in DC's Suicide Squad!



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