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One of the longer running, of Gold Key television adaption comic books, was The Wild, Wild West! It was about secret service agents, James T. West and Artemus Gordon who worked under President Grant, traveling by private train car. While Jim was typically the fighter and the ladies' man, Artie was a master of disguise and inventor of gadgets. Jim West was created to be a James Bond on horseback.

Love the Gold Key pin-ups!

Story from Wild, Wild West #4!

The Wild, Wild West #1   Jim West has to Uncover Outlaw Classes in the 3 Rs. Rustling, Ravaging and Robbery so He Can Jail the Teacher Before Schools Out!
"Outlaw Empire"  James West and Artemus Gordon track down an gang of outlaws that appears to have free reign in the territory. Artwork by Al (Star Trek) McWilliams.
There is a feature on the gadgets James West uses in his work.  


The Wild, Wild West #2   Jim West Uncovers a Deadly Conspiracy that Grips New Orleans in a Hypnotic Spell!
"The Phantom from the Past."  Jim and Artemus help a U.S. Army Colonel track down a war criminal who supposedly died during the Civil War. Written by Paul S. Newman and drawn by Al McWilliams. 
This issue also included a brief profile of James West & Artemus Gordon. 


The Wild, Wild West #3   Jim West and Artemus Guard a Russian Archduke Who Believes That Two Dead Agents are His Best Protection!
"The Stolen Empire." Art provided by Sal (Wyatt Earp) Trapani for issues #3-#6.

The Wild, Wild West #4   Montezuma Returns and Selects Jim West for Ancient Sacrifice!
"Montezuma's Gold."


The Wild, Wild West #5   A Chinese Ransom Plot Pits Jim West Against the Tong Killers of San Francisco!
"The Night of the Tongs."

The Wild, Wild West #6   A King's Ransom awaits Jim West and Artemus--So Dies a Firing Squad.
 "Maximilian's Treasure"  Jim and Artemus search for an outlaw who is smuggling weapons into Mexico and come face-to-face with someone who claims to be Emperor Maximilian. 

The Wild, Wild West #7   Blueprint for Destruction! An Inventor's Dream Becomes a Nightmare for Jim West and Artemus!
"Night of the Buccaneer."  Jim and Artemus go to New Orleans to investigate the disappearance of three cargo vessels and confront the man behind the disappearance of several cargo ships, finding he has inside connections. Pencils by Frank (Cinnamon Strip) Springer and inked by Sal (Superheroes) Trapani. 

The comic book captured the spirit of the television series with a great blend of spy fare and wild west action. I highly recommend the comic book series as a great accompaniment to the TV show. I would love to see a nice, quality  hardback collection for this series.


Millennium Publications also produced a four-part Wild Wild West comic book series.
"The Night Of The Iron Tyrants" scripted by Mark Ellis with art by Darryl Banks. 
The series involved Dr. Loveless (Yes!!!) in a conspiracy to assassinate President Grant and the President of Brazil and put the Knights of the Golden Circle into power. 

Wild Wild West #1 & #4 sported wraparound covers with the first by Adam (AH!) Hughes! 

Wild Wild West #2 included bios on West & Gordon.  

There's a fantastic, companion trade paperback for the TV show!

It's still such a great show! Out in DVD!
Got this book on my shelf!

In closing, Richard Wormser wrote several tie-in novelizations, two under the name Ed Friend. One was a High Chaparral and one a Green Hornet novel. The Wild Wild West was published in 1966 under his own name, an adaptation of the TV episode "The Night of The Double-Edged Knife."

Back when we had real theme songs!

Live Large My Friends!

Thank You! 

Always loved this shot!
Haven't seen this toy! Love the gadgets!

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