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Tough Guys Fall for Honey West!

After the death of her father, sexy Honey West took over his high-tech private detective firm, assisted by rugged Sam Bolt, her pet ocelot Bruce and a sweet AC Cobra.

Honey West #1, a Gold Key Comics one-shot, was written by Paul S. Newman with art by Jack (Tiger Girl) Sparling featuring two stories.

"The Underwater Raiders!"
Honey guards a "hot" yacht -- but pirates take over for a shakedown cruise.  

"The Fall Guy!"
West investigates the fall guy in a professional wresting match!

Forbidden Planet!
Popular photo from the TV show!

G.G. (Carl and Gloria) Fickling's series of spoofy Private Eye mystery thrillers, was adapted as a television show for ABC in the mid-Sixties. Honey West was played by Anne (Forbidden Planet) Francis with John (Bad Day at Black Rock) Erickson as her partner, ex-marine Sam Bolt. Honey was first introduced in the Burke's Law series. 

The Honey West Cobra!

Anne Francis took instruction in Okinawa Te (traditional Okinawan martial arts), under Sensei Gordon Doversola, for a couple of months before shooting began. It is said that Okinawa Te and Chinese Kenpo (self-defense, not fighting, discipline) were blended together and developed into karate (hand, foot, elbow striking discipline.)

A new Honey West comic series came out not long ago from Moonstone Comics, also appeared in a crossover comic book with T.H.E. Cat. Although I never came across this comic, one big plus was writer Trina Robbins. 

I'll be doing a T.H.E. Cat feature soon!

T.H.E. Cat was another short lived TV series and Dell comic book with art by Jack Sparling, but I will be covering that comic book soon.

Most of the original Honey West paperback novels by G.G. Fickling have been reprinted, from time to time, some can even be found in eBook formats. 

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