Monday, September 15, 2014


One of my favorite Charlton covers!

Another of my favorite Steve Ditko characters is The Question. 

Question on the cover!
Question mentioned on the cover!

DC Action Figure

Originally a back-up feature beginning in The Blue Beetle #1, Vic Sage, the Question, hung on to appear in the Charlton one-shot Mysterious Suspense #1! What a terrific cover to boot, boasting the Return of the Question!

  The main story, "What Makes a Hero?" was plotted & drawn by Steve (Creeper, Blue Beetle) Ditko, with a scripting assist by D.C. Glanzman (the only comic book I have seen him credited for.) Rocco "Rocke" Mastroserio provided the artwork for the introductory splash page.

Awesome Alex Toth artwork!

There was a terrific Question story in Charlton Bullseye #5, plotted by Roger Stern, script by Michael Uslan and artwork by the great Alex (Space Ghost) Toth. 

Cover from the second Charlton Bullseye series!

Splash page for that comic book!
Cover blew me away with Question on the cover!

Lastly, get ahold of DC's Action Heroes Archive Volume 2. Not only does it reprint the Question in Blue Beetle & Mysterious Suspense, it reprints the cover & Alex Toth story from Charlton Bullseye #5

Yes, DC did it right with both volumes of this fantastic hardback series. 

Live Large My Friends!

Thank You!

Who is the Question?
And what a realm it is!

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  1. Another great comic book. Any idea why they titled it as they did rather than use the character's name? Another character acquired and then ruined utterly by DC. Strip him of philosophy and moral certainty and turn him into a caNdy-ass moral relativist karate hero. Yuck.

    Love those Ditko's characters. He really had an eye for costume design. And a love for insta-change characters: Hawk and Dove, Creeper, Question, Shag, etc.