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Back to Conan the Barbarian, as portrayed by stunning artwork of Barry Windsor-Smith. I can go on all day gushing over his amazing art. Another exciting Conan the Barbarian issue for me was issue #24, fully introducing us to the intoxicating she-devil, Red Sonja. 

The censored version of page 3, from Conan the Barbarian #24

Conan the Barbarian #24  The Song of Red Sonja!
"The Song of Red Sonja"
In Makkalet, Conan and Red Sonja start a bar-fight, bathe in a fountain, scale temple walls, break in and steal a snake-tiara and fight a magical snake. In the end, Sonja tricks Conan, leaving for further adventures in Pah-Disha.
Written by Roy Thomas with Barry Windsor-Smith (as Barry Smith) art.
Last issue of the Conan the Barbarian comic book done by Barry Windsor-Smith. 

Such a wonderful magazine series, with so many marvelous covers! This one is by Bob Larkin.


This story has been reprinted many times over the years, in Conan Saga #8, Marvel Treasury Edition #15 (panel 3 of page 6 appears here in its original uncensored form as it was redrawn upon original publication in Conan the Barbarian #24 due to Comics Code objections) & Savage Sword of Conan #82. In book format it has been reprinted in Essential Conan #1, The Chronicles of Conan #4 & The Barry Windsor-Smith Conan Archives #1.

Loved Conan in the Treasury Editions! Both favorites of mine, "Red Nails" & "The Song of Red Sonja" are reprinted in that series! Fabulous format for those Barry Windsor-Smith stories.

I prefer my super-heroes in color, but to me, Conan is best presented in black and white!

Red Sonja story continues in Savage Sword of Conan #1. "Curse of the Undead-Man" Written by Roy Thomas (freely adapted from the short story "Mistress of Death" by Robert E. Howard) with John Buscema & Pablo Marcos art. Conan and Red Sonja put an end to the undead sorcerer Costranno. This magazine also includes a stunning Red Sonja story illustrated by Esteban Maroto and began reprinting Gil Kane's Blackmark!

Original Barry Smith concept for the cover of Conan the Barbarian #24.

Red Sonja bookmarks from Barry Windsor-Smith's Gorblimey Press!
More recent Barry Windsor-Smith Conan artwork!
Definitely a high point in Conan the Barbarian for me. I immensely enjoyed the Barry Smith run on the comic book. He embodied the spirit of Conan in his younger years. He's the artist I first think of when I look back at Conan in the comics.  
Pin-up from the esteemed Esteban Maroto!

Red Sonja illustrations over the years!
Another favorite of mine, Howard Chaykin illustrating Red Sonja.

Live Large My Friends!

Thank You! 
Not familiar with this comic book, but I like the cover!
This crossover I liked most for the Michael Turner covers.
Favorite trade series featuring the original Robert E. Howard stories of Red Sonja and so much more!
Great Ken Kelly cover for this paperback !
Original Red Sonja novel with a stunning Boris Vallejo cover!


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