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Marvel Comics heroine, The Cat ran four issues, all with various creators. Linda Fite, who married Herb Trimpe, wrote all four issues (along with an unpublished fifth issue) with artists including Marie Severin, Wally Wood, Jim Mooney, Bill Everett, Jim Starlin, Alan Weiss & Frank McLaughlin. John Romita did some of the covers. I had to have it, enjoyed it, because of the Wally Wood art.

Greer Grant was a sophomore at the University of Chicago when she met her future husband, policeman Bill Nelson. She left college to marry him. The marriage was a strong one, flawed only by Bill's overprotective nature. Bill was killed in an off-duty shooting, and Greer had to find a job of her own. After weeks of searching, she ran into her old physics professor, Dr. Joanne Tumulo.

Cool fan art of The Cat!
Dr. Tumulo was working on the human potential experiments that turned Shirlee Bryant into the super powered villainess called The Cat. Not trusting the test subject chosen by her financial backer, Malcolm Donalbain, Greer persuaded Dr. Tumulo to let her undergo the experimental treatments as well. She emerged with superhuman physical and mental capabilities. When Donalbain had Dr. Tumulo's lab destroyed with dynamite, Greer donned one of dozens of The Cat costumes that she had created and the doctor had appropriated and set out to put an end to his scheme. With her new abilities, she adapted quickly to the strange garb and wrecked Donalbain's headquarters. Rather than let himself be touched by the Cat's raking claws, Donalbain committed suicide. A fire set off by the ruined equipment destroyed Donalbain's headquarters. Greer embarked on a brief crimefighting career as The Cat.
The Cat #1
Cover by Marie Severin & Wally Wood.
"Beware the Claws of...The Cat"
Introduction and origin of The Cat (Greer Grant Nelson) on a mission of vengeance. Incidentally, Dr. Joanne Tumolo bears a striking resemblance to Marie Severin. 
Written by Linda (Night Nurse, Kid Colt) Fite with Roy (Conan the Barbarian) Thomas co-plotter. Art by Marie (Not Brand Echh, Syb Mariner, Hulk) Severin & Wally (Daredevil, T.H.U.N.D.E.R. Agents) Wood.

Exciting Ron Wilson & Frank Giacoia cover!

Later, The Cat, Greer Nelson, was transformed by the Cat People into Tigra in Giant-Sized Creatures #1. Tony (Black Lightning) Isabella wrote the story with art by Don (Moon Knight) Perlin & Vince (Thor, New Gods) Colletta. 

Terrific Gil Kane & Frank Giacoia cover!
Another of Donalbain's The Cat costumes surfaced years later, when Patsy Walker discovered it while accompanying the Avengers (#144.) She donned it and dubbed herself Hellcat.

A fifth issue of the series was drawn by Ramona (Metamorpho) Fradon but the title was canceled due to lack of sales on previous issues. Jim (Spider-Man) Mooney inked what I've seen of the unpublished art.

Striking Romita cover, The Cat included inside!

Original art for The Cat!

Ramona Fradon cover!
Live Large My Friends!

Thank You!
Loved the idea and stories included in this series of trade paperbacks!

Original penciled art by Ramona Fradon!
Original The Cat art by Ramona Fradon!

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