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One of my favorite television shows when I was growing up was Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea. I didn't see the movie until years later. The Seaview was a fascinating world to me. Then Gold Key expanded my experience with original stories in the comic book series. It lasted a lengthy run of 16 issues, with the last couple of issues being reprints. Curly is again the only television character, aside from Nelson and Crane, to appear in this (as well as the first) issue.

Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea #2  A mysterious fluid from the center of the earth threatens to turn all ocean life into monsters!
"Project Mohole" feature.

"Monsters of the Moho"
Mankind has drilled 3 miles beneath the ocean floor to pierce that mysterious region where the Earth's crust ends -- The Moho! The crew of the Seaview responds to an S.O.S. from the moho drill ship, to deal with the yellow fluid seeping from the mohole and an infectious green fungus. 
Written by Dick (Jet Dream) Wood with art by George (Iron Man) Tuska.
Nice back cover photo pin-up of Admiral Nelson & Commander Crane at the periscope of the Seaview.

Now I'm reliving my experiences reading the Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea Complete Series: Volume One from Hermes Press. It's a fantastic hardcover edition I'd highly recommend. They've even included fillers from the original Gold Key comics.

 Lastly, it's hard to beat the George Wilson covers on the original Gold Key series. Magnificent! 

Concept cover for Hermes Press Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea The Complete Series: Volume One.
The Dell Movie Classic adaptation of the motion picture.
Two page comic from The Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea UK Annual.

Live Large My Friends!

Thank You!
The classic logo!

From the second season, the redesigned Seaview now inclusive of the Flying Sub.

I always enjoyed the Seaview breaking the surface of the water.

Sweet little interior shot from the TV series.

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