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Charlton Comics exciting and innovative The Peacemaker was created by the super talented team of Joe Gill & Pat Boyette. Christopher Smith, a diplomat who loves peace, was willing to fight for it. As The Peacemaker, he employed an array of special non-lethal weapons and founded the Pax Institute. Most of his antagonists he faced were dictators and warlords.

Original Pat Boyette art for the cover of #1!


The Peacemaker #1   A Man Who Loves Peace So Much That He Is Willing To Fight For It!
"The Killer on the Reef"
The Peacemaker battles sharks and frogmen before he encounters the Commodore, a lunatic who destroys fishing trawlers that invade his ocean.
No credits given for story except Pat Boyette's signature. Continued from Fightin' 5 #41.
"Peacermaker Patter"
Editor Dick (Sarge Steel, Nukla, Batman) Giordano discusses the cancellation of Fightin' Five and asks for letters to be included in the following issue. Also includes a short bio of superb artist Pat Boyette, with an accompanying photograph of the legendary artist, and an illo of The Peacemaker.
"The Hidden Power"
A small Balkan nation has secretly constructed nuclear facilities in Antarctica and threatens the world with destruction, The Peacemaker travels to Antarctica to stop a Russian scientist team from creating a nuclear bomb.
Both stories written by prolific Joe (Captain Atom, Judomaster, Doomsday +1) Gill with Pat (Flash Gordon, The Phantom, Six Million Dollar Man) Boyette art.   
"Rulers of Darkness"
Members of the Fightin' Five stop a communist madman from destroying the world but at the cost of one of their own, Irv Haganah.
No credits given for story except Bill (Charlton Premiere, Konga, Sarge Steel) Montes' & Ernie (Charlton Premiere, Gorgo, Human Torch) Bache's signatures. Written by Joe Gill. Continued from Fightin' 5 #41.

Splash page from the Fightin' Five back up story in The Peacemaker #1!
The Peacemaker #1 has only been reprinted by Modern Comics, with one Fightin' Five story page missing; one page from original story not reprinted. Modern Comics were available in bagged 3-packs, sold exclusively to department stores. Although it does have a $0.35 cent cover price, it does not have a publishing date, just a 1978 copyright.

Fightin' 5 #41, one of my favorite Charlton Comics covers, can't beat a dinosaur!

Both The Peacemaker and The Fightin' Five back-up feature are continued from Fightin' 5 #41.

Some pics from the unpublished The Peacemaker #6!

Now we'll see it in color in The Charlton Arrow!

Until recently, we missed an unpublished 1967 epic, which would have been The Peacemaker #6, written by Joe Gill with Pat Boyette art. "The Golden Pharaoh," will now be serialized in a fantastic new Charlton publication, The Charlton Arrow. Look out for it in Charlton Arrow #2 - #4! They also contain new material in the great Charlton tradition.

Always love the house ads!

Great pin-up of Peacemaker by Walt Simonson, from the Charlton Portfolio!

Live Large My Friends!

Thank You!
The absolute best story Pat Boyette ever did, "Children of Doom" from Charlton Premiere #2! Denny O'Neil  wrote it. I do have a previous post on this story, you don't want to miss it!
DC Who's Who of The Peacemaker.
Description of The Peacemaker from Pat Boyette!


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