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King Features Flash Gordon comic book series began a long history. Charlton Comics continued the series with issue #12 through #18, followed by Gold Key/Whitman Comics issues with #19 through #37.

Original Al Williamson cover artwork!

The comic strips and books follow the adventures of Flash Gordon, a handsome polo player and Yale University graduate, and his companions Dale Arden and Dr. Hans Zarkov. The story begins with Earth threatened to collide with the planet Mongo. Zarkov invents a rocket ship to fly into space in an attempt to stop the disaster. Half mad, he kidnaps Flash and Dale and they travel to the planet. Landing on Mongo and halting the collision, they come into conflict with Ming the Merciless, Mongo's evil ruler.

Flash Gordon #4
"Lost Continent of Mongo"
Flash Gordon, Dr. Zarkov and Dale Arden explore the feared Lost Continent of Mongo, finding a strange city, facing armed warriors and the always menacing Ming the Merciless.  
"The Sentries of Dark Mountain"
Flash, Dale and Zarkov set off for a path to the sea, only to face strange, deadly creatures from the Dark Mountain.
Written by the great Archie (His Name is...Savage, Blackmark, Manhunter, Star Wars, Wolverine/Nick Fury: Scorpio Connection) Goodwin with breathtaking Al (Star Wars, Daredevil, Clawfang) Williamson art.

As a back-up feature in Flash Gordon #4, we were introduced to Secret Agent X-9, an original Archie Goodwin & Al Williamson gem. X-9 was a nameless agent who worked for a nameless agency. Secret Agent X-9 was begun by legendary author Dashiell (The Maltese Falcon) Hammett and Alex (Flash Gordon creator) Raymond.

This is the book you've been waiting for - Simply Fantastic!

The comic book pages were reformatted for the paperback, in black and white.
The cover and stories have been reprinted in Al Williamson's Flash Gordon Flesk Publications trade paperback, Flash Gordon Comic-Book Archives Vol. 2 Dark Horse hardcover & Flash Gordon on the Lost Continent of Mongo (used the cover & first story) Pinnacle paperback 

Light hearted fare, enjoyable novel!

The paperback Vampirella novels ran for a six book series, with fantastic covers!
Captain American novel actually written by Ron Goulart!

Bruce Cassiday's novel included scenes not in the movie.
Avon Books came out with a series of Flash Gordon novels. The first three books, in the six book series, were actually written by legendary Ron (Challengers of the Unknown, The Phantom, Vampirella, The Avenger) Goulart. Novelist Bruce (The Bold Ones, Marcus Welby, Gorgo) Cassiday wrote the other three.
Inside front cover, color filler pages, inside back cover & back cover from Flash Gordon #4!


Live Large My Friends!

Thank You!

Gritty action adventure tale by Archie Goodwin with some of the best Gil Kane art.

Al Williamson's inks over Johnny Romita Jr. were marvelous! Writer Ann Nocenti's best work!

One of my all time favorite graphic novels! Fabulous!

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