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The Peacemaker is Christopher Smith, a diplomat who loves peace so much that he's willing to fight for it. Both Charlton Comics characters the Peacemaker and the Fightin' 5 are continued from their earlier Fightin' Five series. The Peacemaker made his first appearance in Fightin' Five #40.

Peacemaker #2   faces "the Ultimatum"
"The Survivors"
Peacemaker must stop the most incredible menace to ever threaten the earth, a race of underground shape shifters called The Survivors, from taking over the world.
Both Peacemaker stories written by the prolific Joe (Captain Atom, Judomaster, Doomsday +1) Gill with legendary Pat (Blackhawk, Adventure Illustrated, The Phantom, Flash Gordon) Boyette artwork.
"Peacemaker Patter"
Writer Joe Gill and artist Ernie (Sarge Steel, Charlton Premiere, Gorgo) Bache write mini-bios of themselves, with accompanying photographs. Includes info on future issues of Peacemaker and other Charlton action titles.
"The Ultimatum"
Today is the day of The Ultimatum. The Peacemaker must prepare to face Premier Gekk, upon the  announcement of his plans of destruction and conquest, to the world.

At least Modern Comics didn't edit these terrific stories, as they had done to the other titles.

The Fightin' 5 was the back-up feature in The Peacemaker series. The Fightin' 5 were a variation of DC Comics Blackhawk series Pat Boyette worked on later in his career!
The only other reprint of The Peacemaker #2 was from Modern Comics. It did not include the "Peacemaker Patter" article. According to some reports, all the issues were published at the same time. According to other reports, these were produced to be sold specifically in comic 3-packs. 

Always enjoyed the Charlton Comics house ads!
DC's Who's Who series was a wealth of information on their various characters.
The Peacemaker served as the inspiration for The Comedian in Alan Moore's Watchmen.  

Always Be Prepared!

For me, Charlton Comics could do no wrong. I was enthralled with The Peacemaker as much as their other superheroes. Now all we need is a nice hardcover reprint edition of The Peacemaker comic books. That would be a real treat! 

Article from The Peacemaker #2.
Introducing The Peacemaker!
Fantastic magazine covering the Charlton Comics Action Heroes!
Live Large My Friends!

Thank You! 

Pat Boyette worked on DC Comics Blackhawk series. Always enjoyed his composition!

Some of Pat Boyette's outstanding painted cover artwork, for Charlton Comics Space: 1999 #7!

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