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For many years, Flash Gordon, Dale Arden and Dr. Zarkov encounter adventures on the planet of Mongo, traveling to the forest kingdom of Arboria, ruled by Prince Barin; the ice kingdom of Frigia, ruled by Queen Fria; the jungle kingdom of Tropica, ruled by Queen Desira; the undersea kingdom of the Shark Men, ruled by King Kala; and the flying city of the Hawkmen, ruled by Prince Vultan. They are joined in several early adventures by Prince Thun of the Lion Men. Eventually, Ming the Merciless is overthrown, and Mongo is ruled by a council of leaders led by Barin.

Flash Gordon illustrated by legendary Alex Raymond.

Flash return to Earth and have some adventures before returning to Mongo and crashing in the kingdom of Tropica, then reuniting with Barin and others. He travels to other worlds and returns to Mongo, where Prince Barin, married to Ming's daughter Princess Aura, has established a peaceful rule (except for frequent revolts led by Ming or by one of his many descendants).

Original Al Williamson art from page 8 of Flash Gordon #5.
In the fifties, Flash became an astronaut who traveled to other planets besides Mongo. The long story of the Skorpii War takes Flash to other star systems, using starships that are faster than light.

Painted cover, by Rolf Gohs, on the Norway edition of this issue.


Flash Gordon #5   Flash is ambushed by the most terrifying creatures in all Mongo!
Cover by Al Williamson.
"Flash Gordon and the God of the Beastmen"
Flash, Dale & Zarkov continue their arduous trek to escape the wilds of Mongo's Lost Continent, driven to rescue Dale from the Beastmen. 
Written by Archie (Manhunter, His Name is...Savage!) Goodwin with Al Williamson art. 
"The Terror of the Blue Death"
Thought to be a bitter memory, Mingo City faces a new outbreak of The Blue Death. 
Written by Larry Ivie with Al Williamson art.
"Letter's Page"
With Frank (Magnus, Robot Fighter) Bolle art.
"Secret Agent X-9 and the Assassins of Power"
Secret Agent X-9 back up written by Archie Goodwin with Frank (Secret Six, Nick Fury) Springer art.


The Flash Gordon stories were reprinted in The Flash Gordon Comic-Book Archives Vol. 2 & Al Williamson's Flash Gordon (along with the cover in both books.)

The first three novels in the Flash Gordon series from Avon Books were written by legendary sci-fi author Ron (Challengers of the Unknown, Weird Heroes) Goulart.

Ad for the outstanding Al Williamson's Flash Gordon book. 
Interior page showing the evolution of the cover for Flash Gordon #5.

Al Williamson obviously enjoyed drawing Flash Gordon and by the effort put into it, seems to have treated it as a privilege. It's done with such attention to detail, a fitting tribute to legendary Alex Raymond, clearly a major influence on his style.

Ad in Flash Gordon #5 for the bagged three packs of King Comics. 
Breathtaking Al Williamson Flash Gordon piece!
Flash Gordon, from the Sci-Fi Channel a few years back, hometown Celebrity Steven "Flash" Gordon discovers a secret his father tried desperately to keep hidden. He embarks on a journey to another dimension in hopes of finding his father, who was believed to be killed in a fire. A tyrannical leader on the planet Mongo controls the only source of clean water on the planet. Flash makes many allies during his struggles to lead a Revolution. Probably would have done better on the CW. Liked it though! 

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Ad for the first volume in the books below, first two in slipcovered hardcover & the others in trade paperback.


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  1. Flash has 3 different uniforms in "The Terror of the Blue Death". Was there more than one artist?