Tuesday, January 5, 2016


One of my favorite magazines growing up with, was Castle of Frankenstein. Loved the mix of TV and movie coverage to the comics incorporated as well. The magazine also introduced me to the fabulous artwork of Frank Brunner.

Carnak, possible the first true -- man to walk the earth, hated and feared by all primitives, he can never live in peace. Carnak, the only one who dared slay the great gorgosaurus!!....but along side the violence there exists another side to Carnak, one of playful - gentleness! Yet, another side which remembers with bitterness, when they killed the one he knew he could have loved!          


Castle of Frankenstein  #13
Carnak investigates a falling brilliance lighting up the sky.
Written and drawn by Frank (Howard the Duck, Elric, Warp) Brunner.


Castle of Frankenstein #14
"Carnak Part II"
Carnak has been shot and lies unconscious. A couple seeks to locate the first expedition in time without government approval. 
Written and drawn by Frank (Dr. Strange, Conan, Star*Reach) Brunner.

They had me with the Green Hornet cover!
Wraparound cover on one of my favorite sci-fi movies ever - The Time Machine!
I trust you've enjoyed this trip down memory lane. Truly a magical time to grown up with comic books and magazines. Especially when we come across a talented artist early in his magnificent career, as in this case, Frank Brunner. 

Castle of Frankenstein featured some great wraparound covers!

I loved this magazine, striking covers and it covered so much, along with comics!
Eclipse 2 issue comic reprinting material from Creepy, Eerie & Web of Horror!
Eclipse 2nd of 2 issue comic reprinting material from Phase, Star*Reach, Monster Times & Vampirella.
Live Large My Friends!

Thank You!

Fantastic Brunner comic book from First Comics, series based upon the plays and characters created by Stuart Gordon and Bury St. Edmund!
Quack, fun companion magazine to Star*Reach!
Great anthology series from Pacific Comics!
Enjoy this Brunner cover. Never knew where he'd pop up with a cover!

Nothing beats a wonderful Red Sonja cover!

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  1. Brunner painted some beautiful covers for CoF as well.