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"Do not look at the skull! … In life it housed the awful brain of a king of magicians! It holds still the life and fire of magic drawn from outer spaces!”
Robert E. Howard, “Red Nails”
Look out, here he comes!

The amazing back cover was from a Gorblimey Press print!

Marvel Treasury Edition #4
As noted in Roy Thomas' intro, the cover is taken from a Gorblimey Press portfolio and the artwork is copyrighted in the indicia to Gorblimey Press (Barry Windsor-Smith's own company.).
"He Comes from the Dark" 
Princess Tascela plans to sacrifice Valeria and use her blood to retain Tascela's youth.
Written by Roy Thomas and illustrated by Barry (Windsor-) Smith.  
Roy Thomas' editorial explains that this story was re-colored by Barry Windsor-Smith, with the assistance of Linda Lessman. Thomas also notes that Smith re-inked a page "here and there" and Thomas re-wrote a line or two.

Sweet! Enjoy the pencils!

Pages from the Artist Edition for this chapter of the Red Nails story.

Although a bit beat up, I was excited when I found this gem!

One amazing, oversized art book item I cannot recommend highly enough is The Studio. In early 1975 Smith and three other young artists, Michael Wm. Kaluta, Jeffrey Jones and Bernie Wrightson, decided to seek out a studio space to share in Manhattan. They also had in common, a compelling desire to explore avenues of expression beyond graphic narrative, including painting and illustration. Unfortunately, by the time the book came out, the four had gone their separate ways. 

"Nice drawing but a hopelessly uninspired picture. I was worn out and looking for acceptable compromises. Compare the visionary quality of this cover to my first work for the saga series. This book was the trillionth reprinting of Red Nails."
Barry Windsor-Smith, Conan Saga #9 cover

Big, outstanding hardcover book!

Another great hardcover, also found a copy of this book in a small format, probably a promo.
His Opus series has been left incompleted, but the first two volumes are incredible. Huge books filled with outstanding artwork!

Live Large My Friends!

Thank You! 

An offbeat crossover, Conan vs. Rune from Barry Windsor-Smith.

Nice Jeff Jones cover, featuring Conan.

One of Ken Kelly's Conan posters from the Berkley Medallion books. Wow!

One of my favorite Conan pieces of Smith's. Stunning!

Smith did a couple of great Miracleman covers at the end of the series. Classics!

Who can forget Paradoxman from BWS Storyteller series? Mind-bending!

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