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I thoroughly enjoyed the Classics Illustrated line of comic books, as well as the adaptations put out primarily by Dell and Gold Key Comics. The Time Machine has always held a special place for me, since it was one of the first science fiction novels I read.

The paperback I've read numerous times!
There was a deleted text, in the original novel, recounts an incident immediately after the Traveller's escape from the Morlocks. He finds himself in the distant future of an unrecognisable Earth, populated with furry, hopping herbivores resembling kangaroos. He stuns or kills one with a rock, and upon closer examination realises they are probably the descendants of humans/Eloi/Morlocks. A gigantic, centipede-like arthropod approaches and the Traveller flees into the next day, finding that the creature has apparently eaten the tiny humanoid. The deleted text was also published by Forrest J Ackerman in an issue of the American edition of the Perry Rhodan science fiction series, which featured a number of Gray Morrow covers.

Classics Illustrated #11 The Time Machine
The Time Traveler (is not referred by a surname in the novel) is late to dinner with his friends, shows up with tattered clothes and tells them the story of his fantastic time machine, adventurous travel into the very distant future, falling in love, battling the villainous Morlocks and his arrival back into the present. His only proof to them were flowers given to him as a present from Weena, an Eloi, people from over 800,000 years in the future.
Adapted from the novel by Lorenz Graham with Lou Cameron art.
Great George Wilson painted cover.
Includes an illustrated text article about the author, H.G. (Herbert George) Wells.

Dell Four Color #1085 H.G. Well's The Time Machine  The startling story of a machine which carries a man into the amazing world of the future! 
Adapts the classic motion picture.
Terrific Alex Toth artwork with photo cover.

Marvel Classic Comics #2
The comic is an adaptation of the H. G. Wells novel The Time Machine. Originally published by Pendulum Press in the seventies.
Dynamic cover by Gil (His Name is...Savage, Blackmark) Kane & Dan (T.H.U.N.D.E.R. Agents) Adkins.
Written by Otto (The Avengers Battle the Earth Wrecker) Binder with stunning Alex Nino artwork!

The Time Machine Collector's Edition Comic Book
Alexander Hartdegen invents a time machine and ends up in the far future.
Giveaway to promote the Dreamworks and Warner Bros. movie.
10 page adaptation of the remake of the classic Time Machine movie. 
Michael Collins & David Roach art with a photo cover from the WB movie. 

Eternity Comics came out with a 3 issue mini-series of The Time Machine as well. It was written by Bill Spangler with art by John Ross. Although I cannot address its merits as I have not read it. The series was collected into a trade paperback. I very much like the cover to the second issue. 

A page from Alex Toth's Time Machine!

I truly hope you've read the novel, it is superb. The original movie is outstanding as well. I even enjoyed the remake, although not as much as the original. They are well worth watching!

The one, the only, the original Time Machine!

The Time Traveler from the remake!

Live Large My Friends!

Thank You!
The dreaded Morlocks from the original movie!

Gotta love it when The Time Machine showed up on Big Bang Theory!

The Time Machine from the remake!

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