Friday, April 3, 2015


I recently came across three oddities of Steve Ditko's in DC Comics' the Steve Ditko Omnibus Volume Two: Black Lightning, The Spectre and Desaad, from the New Gods. Don't miss them at the back of the book.

Black Lightning
"...Ten Minutes"
Jefferson Pierce ends up confronting three fairly inept but well armed young robbers at an all-night convenience store.
Written by Mike W. (Camelot 3000) Barr with art by Steve (Shade, Missing Man) Ditko & Jerry (Shazam) Ordway.
From The Outsiders #13.

I picked this one up because of the stunning Joe Kubert cover!

The Spectre
"The Depths of Despair"
The Spectre takes a Titanic survivor back in time.
Written by Billy (Will Robinson in Lost in Space) Mumy & Peter (Star Trek) David with art by Ditko & Kevin (Batman: Black & White) Nowlan.
From Legends of the DC Universe 80-Page Giant #1.

And finally, the last story in the massive volume. This was Ditko's final mainstream work, going on to team with Robin Snyder on his independent work.

Loved the Walt Simonson covers!

A Tale of DeSaad
"Infinitely Gentle Infinitely Suffering"
Written by Mark (Nemesis, Kick-Ass) Millar with art by Ditko & Mick (Batman & Robin) Gray.
On the anniversary of his Darkseid's mother's death, his head torturer DeSaad brags to Granny Goodness he's found the perfect gift for Darkseid, by exposing a creature composed of pure love to one composed of pure pain.
New for the Tales of the New Gods trade paperback, originally done as a back-up for the Orion series back around 2000, but not used at the time.

Black Lightning #1 dramatic first issue!

Certainly overlooked, until the Omnibus, but none the less good Steve Ditko work. Unfortunately, a couple of the stories are a bit heavy on the inker's style rather than Ditko's. The completists, like myself, can appreciate them. 
Black Lightning done by Gene Colan!

I loved it when The Spectre got his own series!
Live Large My Friends!

Thank You! 

My favorite Jack Kirby work for DC Comics!
Desaad on the cover of New Gods #2!

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  1. I have that but haven't made it to the end yet. Will have to check out especially Black Lightning. That Spectre doesn't even look like Ditko! Who inked it? It's been de-Ditkoed!