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"Beware The Man With The Stolen Soul -- Stalker! Beginning an Unholy Quest for a Stolen Soul!"

First Sensational Issue! Not only did DC Comics publish Stalker superbly written by Paul (Legion of Super Heroes) Levitz, but it also showcased the art of legendary Steve (Creeper, Hawk and the Dove) Ditko and, the masterful Wally (Hercules) Wood! Perfect!

In a dimension of sword and sorcery, a young boy challenged the might of the Demon Lord Dgrth, won immortality but lost his own soul. Regretting his actions, the heroic young warrior, Stalker, began an eternal quest to regain his lost soul. 

Stalker #1  Beware the Man with the Stolen Soul - Stalker! Beginning an Unholy "Quest for a Stolen Soul!"
"Quest for a Stolen Soul"
Introduction & origin of Stalker, from his menial days with The Baroness of Castle Loranth to his chilling deal with Demon Lord Dgrth.
Includes an autobiography by Paul Levitz.
Illustrated Map of Stalker's World.

Stalker #2  Darkling Death at World's End Sea!
"Darkling Death at World's End Sea"
Battling demons, Stalker reflects on his pact with Demon Lord Dgrth. 
Story continued from the last issue.
Reprints the last panel of the story in Stalker #1.
Includes a description of Stalker's World.

Stalker #3  Demon Death on the Burning Isle!
"The Freezing Flames of the Burning Isle"
Washing up on a beach after battling a demon, Stalker meets Srani, of the Burning Isle.  
Story continues in the next issue.

Rare piece of original art from Stalker #4!

Stalker #4  Invade the Inferno!
"Invade the Inferno"
On the demon's doorstep, Stalker accepts the epic challenge of Demon Lord Dgrth.
Story continued from the last issue.

The Stalker series was reprinted in the awesome Steve Ditko Omnibus Volume One hardcover published by DC Comics. He was resurrected in All-Star Comics #1, a two issue DC comic. 

All-Star Comics #1
"Time's Keeper"
In 1945, Stalker was transported to Earth by a group of Nazi occultists who had attempted to summon the diabolic Koth. Absorbing the power of the Spectre, Doctor Fate, and other magic heroes, Stalker began his extermination of Earth. The Justice Society and many of their friends and allies fought Stalker's mind-controlled Nazi Disciples, and later Stalker himself. With the help from Doctor Occult, who sacrificed his own soul to give Stalker one, the menace was thwarted, and Stalker finally knew peace.

Nice fan art I came across recently!
It was dynamite to have all of these awesome talents together on the original comic book series. Too bad we were left up in the air for the fate of Stalker's soul.

I haven't read the resurrected version of Stalker, but have mixed feelings. I like James Robinson's writing, but so often, bringing back the older characters turns out to be a mistake. Like the Watchmen, as much as I like the Alan Moore series, I am thankful the Charlton heroes were left untouched by that storyline. 

Live Large My Friends!

Thank You!
A photo of Steve Ditko I hadn't seen before.

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  1. Love that Ditko! However, although I have a couple of issues of Stalker mainly due to Ditko and Wally Wood, I've never actually read them as I'm not big on the genre.