Thursday, April 2, 2015


Ditko Presents, from Robin Snyder and Steve Ditko, features a couple of new characters. One of them really knocked my socks off.. Miss Eerie!

The main s feature is a Miss Eerie detective story which sees her meet old friends and track down villains.

Miss Eerie, a character created by Steve Ditko, is an ass-kicking vigilante, a living fury of retribution! She's like Police Woman meets Death Wish

Miss Eerie is hell-bent on a vigilante/revenge quest and she goes about it packing a Colt .45 and smashing down doors, and faces, with her foot! All this in 8 pages! Man, I hope to see more of this character, as she's unlike anything I've ever seen from Ditko. He doesn't do many female hero characters, so this is a real treat. And she's not a cheesecake pin-up girl either, just a force of retribution who happens to be a woman.

Her latest appearance is in the just-released ACT 6, the latest comic by Steve Ditko, again published in collaboration with Robin Snyder. Ditko is the artist and co-creator of Spider-Man and Dr. Strange, as well as the creator of Hawk & Dove, The Question, The Creeper and Mr. A, among others.
Another thing I love about these new books is the sense of humor evident in the design. With titles like "Oh No! Not Again, Ditko!" and such, how can that not bring a smile to your face? 
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  1. I'll have to track this down! I have some of the "Ditko Packages" but haven't been keeping up with any output from Ditko in the past few years. Amazing he's still producing material at age 87? 88? He's getting up there!