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H.G. Wells' The Invisible Man was a brilliant, thought-provoking, yet tragic novel. Originally a serialized, it was quickly collected into a novel the same year. This time, Wells gives a name to the lead character and writes in the third person objective point of view.

Griffin was an albino scientist who developed a process to make a person invisible by altering their refractive index. Always an unstable man, Griffin grew more megalomaniacal as the process which he had used provedirreversible. He began to commit a series of crimes in order to finance his research into the nature of his newfound and unwanted powers.

Illustration from one of the hardcover novels!
Chased from his laboratory refuge by the townsfolk who were victimized by him, he travelled to the town of Burdock where he reveals to an old medical school friend that he intends to start a Reign of Terror, the First Year of the Invisible Man the First. The old friend, realizing Griffin's obvious and dangerous insanity, attempts to call the police, forcing Griffin out onto the street. There, he is cornered and supposedly beaten to death by an enraged mob, his body slowly becoming visible as he dies.

Classics Illustrated #153 The Invisible Man
Griffin makes himself invisible and goes about terrorizing the countryside.
Norman (Green Lantern) Nodel artwork with painted cover by Geoffrey Biggs.
Includes a
biography of the author, H. G. Wells text article.

Pendulum Press published The Invisible Man
Adapted by Otto (Avengers Battle the Earth Wrecker) Binder with magnificent art by Alex (DC's Thriller) Nino!
Includes an article about H.G. Wells.

Fantastic Adventures #18 The Invisible Man
One of the more obscure adaptations I discovered.
Art by Pete (Thunderbolt) Morisi with a Ross (Metal Men) Andru cover.
A reprint from Golden Age comic book Superior Stories #1. 

Supernatural Thrillers #2  The Invisible Man comic book was from Marvel Comics
First of all, fantastic Jim (Nick Fury) Steranko cover! Several art spotters detect the influence of assistants, in particular Bernie (Swamp Thing) Wrightson.
Ron (Challengers of the Unknown novel) Goulart adaption with art by Dan (Doctor Strange) Adkins & Val (Void Indigo) Mayerik.

Masters of Terror #2 The Invisible Man magazine
Reprints adaptation by Ron Goulart with art by Dan Adkins (layouts & inks) & Val Mayerik (pencils.)
Dan Adkins recreates the Jim Steranko cover. 
This story is not reprinted in order, page 13 should follow page 10, then come pages 11 & 12, then pages 14 and on.

Marvel Classics Comics #25 The Invisible Man
Adapted by Doug (Master of Kung Fu) Moench with art by Dino Castrillo & Rudy Mesina.
Dynamic cover by Pablo (Kobra) Marcus & Frank Giacoia.

First Comics published Classics Illustrated #20 The Invisible Man 
Adapted by Rick Geary.
Nice cover.

Classics Illustrated #42 The Invisible Man came from Acclaim Comics. 
It sported a great Tony Harris cover.

Masterful actor Claude Rains played the original Invisible Man in the motion pictures. Later, The Invisible Man was featured in the League of Extraordinary Gentlemen

What I really need to do, is reread this novel, it's been far too long.I do so enjoy the story.

Otto Binder's Bantam Books Avenger's novel!
DC Comics' Thriller illustrated by Alex Nino!
Charlton Comics' Thunderbolt by Pete Morisi!

DC Comics' Metal Men by Ross Andru!
Live Large My Friends!

Thank You!
Ron Goulart's Challengers of the Unknown novel!
Classic Jim Steranko cover to Marvel Comics' Nick Fury!
Tony Harris worked on Millennium Comics' Doc Savage!

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