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Dandy Steve Ditko's stunning illustrations of Captain Universe appeared in Marvel Spotlight #9-#11 (the last three issues of the series.) Captain Universe co-creator Bill Mantlo wrote these stories. Michael Golden was the other creator, from their time on Micronauts. Steve Coffin, from Marvel Spotlight #9, first appeared in The Micronauts #8

The Uni-Power is an extra-dimensional force that possesses an individual (or on one occasion, twins) in a time of crisis, transforming that person into Captain Universe. The transformed person retains his or her original personality and appearance, though the costume and heroic traits superimposed over the original. The Uni-Power itself emanates from the Enigma Force, the exact nature of which, naturally, remains an enigma. It is believed, however, to be connected to the Microverse, home of the Micronauts.

The first human Captain Universe was an astronaut, Captain Ray Coffin, who battled Baron Karza and sealed the Prometheus Pit between the Microverse and Earth. Years later, the Uni-Power would possess his son Steve Coffin to battle Mister E and his shadow slaves. It next possessed identical twins Ann Stafford and Clare Dodgson to capture Nemesis and then possessed small-time cat burglar Monty Walsh to stop mafia don Guido Carboni.

Captain Universe possesses superhuman strength and durability, can fly, project energy blasts, rearrange matter (forming various weapons and equipment, like a pair of nunchaks, a skateboard, etc.), and remotely activate equipment and/or charge it with power. His Univsion allows him to analyze the composition of beings or objects. He can survive in the vacuum of space and pass through solid objects at will.

Original Michael Golden art with Captain Universe vs. Baron Garza!

Micronauts #8  Enter Captain Universe!
"Earth Wars"
Argon becomes Force Commander; Ray Coffin becomes Captain Universe; Captain Universe and Micronauts vs. Karza at HELL.
Intro & first appearance of Captain Universe from creators Bill Mantlo & Michael Golden.
First eleven pages reprinted in Micronauts Special Edition #3.  
Marvel Spotlight #9  When Shadows Fall!
"The Mystery of Mister E"
Steve Coffin has the Captain Universe power.

Marvel Spotlight #10  Two Superheroes for the Price of One! Confused...? So Were We Until We Read Double Jeopardy!
"Double Jeopardy"
Clare & Ann Dodgson get the Captain Universe power.

Marvel Spotlight #11  What Happens when a Cat Burglar Becomes Captain Universe?! Find the Answer in: Claws of the Cat!
 "The Big Time"
Next Captain Universe appearance in the Incredible Hulk Annual #10 (from Bill Mantlo & Rick Leonard.)   

 Web of Spider-Man Annual #5
"A Random Miracle"
Dr. Evan Swann becomes Captain Universe to face The Quantum Mechanic
Written by Gerry Conway with art by Steve Ditko & Al Milgrom.  

Web of Spider-Man Annual #6
"Child Star"
The Captain Universe power uses the body of 2 year old Eddie Price to save the world.
Written by Tony Isabella with art by Steve Ditko.

Captain Universe: Power Unimaginable
Trade paperback reprints Marvel Spotlight #9-11, Incredible Hulk Annual #10, Marvel Fanfare #25, Web Of Spider-Man Annual #5 and #6 (partial reprints), and Cosmic Power Unlimited #5.
Compare this and the next picture, coincidence, I think not!
To me, Captain Universe harkened back to my Charlton Comics Captain Atom days. He, or she, reminded me of a Steve Ditko superhero, something you can have fun with. Enjoy!

Profile of Captain Universe.
Live Large My Friends!

Thank You!

Loved it when Nighshade paired with Captain Atom vs. The Ghost!

My favorite piece by Michael Golden, awesome mail away poster!

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  1. I have all the Ditko Cap Universe comics. Best one was Marvel Spotlight #11 with the burglar. Not really a character since it's just some weird cosmic power that changes hands. Not all the interesting to me.