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Eclipse Comics originally published, in the three issues of the series, stories of Steve Ditko's Static. This was followed by two issues of Charlton Action: Featuring Static from Charlton Comics. Then Renegade Press published  Ditko's World Featuring Static three issue series.

Stac Rae is the assistant to scientist Dr. Ed Serch. They together create a powered armor suit, allowing him to manipulate the electrical energy of the space environment. Stac must use the suit to defend the innocent as Static, battling various super-villains such as the Polluter and the Exploder. The main conflict comes from the perceived danger of the suit itself, and Serch's daughter Fera fears for Stac and makes him promise not to use it again. Rae must battle with the ethical choice of keeping his promise to Fera or defending the innocent.

Eclipse Monthly #1
"The Beginning"
In the origin of Static, Mac Rey is testing a special suit when robbers, after special material in the lab, disrupt the mechanisms and trap Rey is a power field that gives the suit energy power.

Eclipse Monthly #2
"The Exploder"
After Mac battles the Exploder, Fera hides Mac's suit so he won't be able to become Static again.

Eclipse Monthly #3
"Static vs the General"
Fera's father is kidnapped by the General. Mac convinces Fera to give him the energy suit so Static can rescue him. 

Charlton Action: Featuring Static #11
"The Armed Man"
Static faces the Armed Man.
This is the first chapter of Ditko’s Static, which was retitled, recolored, relettered and slightly rewritten from its original 1983 debut in Eclipse Monthly #1, from which Ditko had taken the serial following editorial disagreements.
"The Beginning"
Features Brak versus Dr. Morto.
Captain Brak, a space cop, becomes merged with a living universe to become a hero. In the vein of Starman & Shade, the Changing Man

Charlton Action: Featuring Static #12
"The Exploder"
After Mac battles the Exploder, Fera hides Mac's suit so he won't be able to become Static again.
Reprints Eclipse Monthly #2.

Ditko's World Featuring Static #1
"Static vs the General"
Reprint from Eclipse Monthly #3.

Ditko's World Featuring Static #2

Ditko's World Featuring Static #3
"The Polluter"
Static faces the Polluter.


Steve Ditko's Static (1989)
Reprints Eclipse Monthly #1-#3, Charlton Action: Featuring Static #11 & #12 & Ditko's World featuring Static #1-#3.

Steve Ditko's Static (2000)
Reprints stories from Eclipse Monthly, Charlton Action, Ditko's World featuring Static & Steve Ditko's Static
"The Exploder" 
Revised from the original publication in Eclipse Monthly #2.
The motherload of Static, coming in at 164 pages!

Eclipse Monthly was a fantastic anthology title featuring work by notable creators like Doug Wildey, Marshall Rogers and Gene Colan. It had been preceded by equally terrific Eclipse black & white magazine-format series. I cannot recommend both of these series enough, great stuff here!

Through Eclipse Monthly, I enjoyed Static, loved the costume and always looked forward to new Ditko stories. I hope you've enjoyed this comic book from Ditko as well.
Page from Eclipse Monthly #3!

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  1. Love Static...I think I have it all by way of Renegade Press and Ditko Packages and what not. Have to check and re-read. I'd love to see a team-up of Static, Shag, the Mocker, and maybe Cracking Blazer.

    Where on earth does Ditko come up with these odd first and last names for his characters?