Tuesday, April 21, 2015


Marvel Comics published Steve Gerber & Val Mayerik's groundbreaking Void Indigo. First a graphic novel, then an all too short lived comic book series, Void Indigo was truly groundbreaking. Hard to believe, the psychologically complex, morally dark story was originally a revamping of DC Comics Golden & Silver Age Hawkman.

By the way, these are the terrific creators of the incredible Howard the Duck, recently revived after a cameo in the outstanding  Guardians of the Galaxy movie! Unfortunately, we lost Steve Gerber far too soon.

First appearance of Howard the Duck in Adventure into Fear #19 with Man-Thing!
In a savage before the dawn of history, four sorcerers committed a heinous crime of torture and murder - and thought got away with it!

They're about to find out they thought wrong! 

Marvel Graphic Novel #11 Void Indigo
Peaceful extraterrestrial Jaghur had been a human in his previous incarnation, and he returns to Earth with a spirit of vengeance against the seven demons who had tortured and killed him in his previous life. He makes his way to Los Angeles.
Continued in Void Indigo #1.

Void Indigo #1
"Spikes and Demons Part One: Killing to be Clever"
Jaghur's adventures in Los Angeles. 
Continued from Marvel Graphic Novel #11. The series had a storyline for six issues but was cancelled early due to very bad reviews. Due to the comic's extreme portrayal of violence, however, distributor reaction to the first issue of the limited series was negative.

Void Indigo #2
"Spikes and Demons Part Two: Rapture and Violence"
Page 27 is a full text page.

Marvel Age #21
Val Mayerik Void Indigo cover.
Steve Gerber and Val Mayerik discuss Void Indigo.

Surprise! For the completest -you can find the Steve Gerber's great outline for the completion of the six issue series @  http://www.hoboes.com/pub/Comics/Comics%20as%20a%20Career/Steve%20Gerber/Void%20Indigo%20Issues%203-6/  (highlight & click on Open Link.) Now we can know how Gerber planned to complete the six issue series, for all of us that didn't like being left hanging.

Val Mayerik has also said he'd like to complete the project, with another talented comic book writer. Now, wouldn't that be the topping on the cake.  

Gerber had also said "By the way, the "message" of Void Indigo wasn't really revenge. What the book said – and people found this disturbing, too – is that the evils, both profound and petty, that we all commit must eventually extract a price. We may think we've gotten away with it, but sooner or later, even if it's 11,000 years and countless incarnations later, the cosmos will bite back."

Original page 38 of Void Indigo GN.
Original page 45 of Void Indigo GN.
 I hope you've read this, or will soon. You're in for a treat.

Recommended Val Mayerik comic book, The Master, written by Chuck Dixon!

Another recommended Val Mayerik comic book, Young Master, written by Larry Hama!

Live Large My Friends!

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  1. Haven't read this but based on the art...no thanks. Story also sounds pretty iffy and potentially awful. But I never thought much of Gerber anyway. Howard the Duck is just not very funny at all. I can feel it straining to be funny but it just isn't.

  2. I loved the GN- recently replaced it when I realized I couldn't find my original copy. Terrific art. The two issue series I remember being a little let down by but I would have definitely have still followed it through to the end.