Monday, April 6, 2015


One of my personal favorites from Marvel Comics was Daughters of the Dragon! Mercedes "Misty" Knight & Colleen Wing were the duo, written by creators Chris (X-Men) Claremont and John (Space:1999) Byrne. Marshall (New Gods) Rogers was another principle artist.

Originally, after Misty and Colleen became friends, the two create a private investigator firm named Knightwing Restorations, Ltd. The two were dubbed "The Daughters of the Dragon" due to their abilities in the martial arts. Detectives Misty Knight, a tough New York cop sports a bionic arm and amazing marital artist Colleen Wing, show up prominently in Marvel Team-Up, Deadly Hands of Kung Fu, Power Man and Iron Fist & Bizarre Adventures.

Marvel Team-Up #64 
"If Death by my Destiny..."
Spider-Man teams up with the Daughters of the Dragon to stop Steel Serpent.
Art by John Byrne & Dave Hunt 
Cover by Dave Cockrum

Deadly Hands of Kung Fu #32
"Daughters of the Dragon"
Art by Marshall (Coyote) Rogers.
Terrific painted cover by Malcolm McNeil.

Deadly Hands of Kung Fu #33
"Sword of Vengeance"
Art by Marshall Rodgers.

Power Man and Iron Fist #66 -#68
"The Jade Tiger"
When Colleen & Misty attempt to steal a jade tiger for a mysterious client, they get Luke Cage and Danny Rand tangled up in a mess with Constrictor and Sabretooth (2nd appearance in comics.)
Power Man is captured by John Bushmaster while attempting to stop a bank robbery. Iron Fist enlists the aid of Misty & Colleen to help find him. Noah Burstein is forced to experiment on Power Man for Bushmaster after his wife is captured. Iron Fist frees both of them and Bushmaster is turned into metal. Power Man is surprisingly injured when shot by criminals.
Power Man, Iron Fist, Misty & Colleen face a new powerful villain, Cam Connors.  

Bizarre Adventures #25
"Safe Streets"
Daughters of the Dragon versus Angie Freeman.
Art by Marshall Rogers & Bob McLeod.

Daughters of the Dragon: Deadly Hands of King Fu Special #1 
The above listed stories were reprinted in this issue. 
"Year of the Dragon"
Mark Paniccia interviews Marshall Rogers, Justin Gray & Jimmy Palmiotti with Daughters of the Dragon artwork.
Giant-Sized Spider-Man 
"If Death by my Destiny..."
Spider-Man and the Daughters of the Dragon take on Steel Serpent; Iron Fist recovers from the previous story's battle and joins in.
Includes a reprint of Marvel Team-Up #63 & #64
Art by John Byrne & Dave Hunt.
Nice John Romita cover.

I hope you enjoy these two strong women in the comics. It's been great following their exploits over the years. They've worked together well. 

Live Large My Friends!

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  1. Never seen them except in Power Man & Iron Fist and Marvel Team-Up. That magazine cover looks like a movie poster for a chopsocky '70s flick. Which is a good thing. Always enjoyed stuff like that, sheer fun and exploitation of a trend or fad. Love that Hypno Hustler!

  2. Are they any of their comics in all color or are the predominantly black and white